Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Webcomic Chapter 7 Posted

Breakout from Bongolaan's Chapter 7 (pages 183-216) has been uploaded. 

The Soundtrack Interlude for this subplot of intrigue and possible betrayal is, Whiskey in the Jar by the heavy metal band Metallica.  

I hear this song regularly at one of the gyms I go to and am always intrigued by the lyrics.  Through a bit of on-line research, I discovered Whiskey in the Jar a lot older than metal music.  It's is an Irish folk song about 17th Century Highwayman betrayed by a woman.  After listening to several versions--from the traditional, sung by the Dubliners; to classic rock by Thin Lizzy and the Grateful Dead--I still like Metallica's the best.  

Which is an odd departure for me, because I'm not a heavy metal fan.  Maybe it has something to do with trying to find a style of music that may fit Sei'do Avari's shady nature and conjuring up a possible back story?

And speaking of back story:  Neela,  the Farghul pictured above was never part of the Star Wars Role Playing adventure this story is based on.  A couple things inspired me to concoct this subplot.

First, was coming up with a plausible explanation for Sei'do, the party's scoundrel, to go along with the group's actions as the story unfolds.  The second source of inspiration came from this photo by Tice Lerner:

This picture is one of many from the Masquerade in the Mansion, held at Roberson Center in my hometown of Binghamton, NY on New Year's Eve. In my over-active imagination, the above image of New York City model Sarah Tilyou and photographer Dillon Utter,  has "conspiracy" written all over it.  Not to mention filling in as the Galactic New Year's Eve party in Bongolaan's Presidential Palace.  The real-life images also covers for my lack of non-combatant figures. 

Finally, Sarah's cat mask then led me to choose the Breela figure from my Star Wars Miniatures collection as Sei'do's former associate.  

And just what kind of associate was Neela?

I'm leaving that open to interpretation.

For now.


DeanM said...

Best wishes on this, Ted. Scary looking "cats" though. Dean

Ted Henkle said...

Thank Dean!
This is what I do when I don't get a chance to get together for gaming. :)