Thursday, October 31, 2019

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halloween Five Second Flick--Part I

Here’s a Five-Second Flick I concocted merging a Halloween image created by "Korolevatumana" With the Windows 3D Effect Program.


Sunday, October 27, 2019

2019's Halloween Greetings

Halloween approaches!

It’s been a few years since I concocted some Halloween greetings, using my ComicLife program.

This year, I decided to feature some of our artificial jack-o-lanterns.  The one featured in the top image, my wife and I call “Jack.”

Yeah, original, I know.

Anyway, I purchased Jack 20 years ago, from Spirit Halloween.  He still lights up when we plug him in and place him in the living room window.

The next jack-o-lantern is almost as old.  I purchased this one at Fred Meyer, I think, and usually place it in the living room/hallway.

My wife bought this white jack-o-lantern, but I don’t know where from, or when.  Unlike Jack, this one, which we haven’t thought-up a name for, has a red light as opposed to a white one.

While trolling the internet, for Halloween memes, I came across this quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which Ray Bradbury used for the title of one of his novels:

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Product Review & Pass In Review of Kill Team's Killzone Sector Fronteris Expansion

It's been a couple of months since I posted anything about Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K) Kill Team.

That's because I was waiting for my friend Dan to finish painting my set of STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins and Sector Fronteris Environment Expansion.

I haven't gotten the Kill Team Starter Set's buildings painted yet.  I figured I'd "start at the Imperial Frontier and work my way Coreward."  That is, when I picked up my frontier buildings and ruins, I gave the Starter Kit buildings to Dan to work on next.

Okay, so back to the Frontier.

This expansion includes a thick, double-sided board, which depicts a frontier outpost, which may or may not be active...

...and an urban area--which I forgot to take a picture of--and I didn't want to delay posting this by doing another photo shoot.

Other items include:  An 8-page booklet, a dozen Fronteris Tactical Cards, a Fronteris Environment Card, 4 Fronteris Mission Cards and of course four frames of ruined buildings.

Instead of coloring the buildings red, as depicted in the expansion kit's cover art and just about elsewhere, I had Dan paint my buildings a shade of khaki to suit the desolate terrain.

The Sector Fronteris and Ryza-Pattern ruins have a lot of pieces in common and both of my sets are intermingled.

The following is a sample of my Fronteris terrain collection.

1. Right-angled ruins and a ruined wall with a ventilator fan:

2. An intact environmental shelter:

3. A ruined support section--and another ruined wall with ventilator fan:

4. Two large, right-angled ruins:

5. A couple small, ruined walls:

6. A two-story ruined wall and a tunnel hatch leading to--where, I wonder?

I'm impressed with how solid and sturdy these terrain pieces are--and even more impressed with Dan's work.