Friday, November 30, 2018

Fix Bayonets 2018, What A Tanker Game Report

The second game I played during Fix Bayonets 2018 was What A Tanker, run by Damond and assisted by David.

What A Tanker, produced by Too Fat Lardies, is a tank vs. tank skirmish game.

Each player controls one tank, although running more is possible, through the use of a "dashboard."

(Image from:  Skirmish Wargaming's game review)
This is used to determine the status and possible actions your tank.  After determining the initiative order, each player will roll up to six 6-sided dice (d6) and put them in the Command Dice box when it's his turn.  (When your tank takes damage, you will roll less than  6d6, depending on the severity).  The results are:  1-Move, 2-Acquire, 3-Aim, 4-Fire, 5-Reload, and 6-Wild Dice.  The Wild Dice can be used for any other action, or saved for next turn.

Damond put together a Breakout from Normandy scenario.  The American players needed to advance across the river, while the German players needed to defend.

The American force consisted of a few M4 Sherman tanks, and a M36 tank destroyer.

The Set Up

Setting up the scenario and going over the rules.

The four German players.
Two of the American players and the Gamemaster (GM).

The Battle

Tiger tank advances up to the bocage on the north flank.

Two Panzer IVs maneuver around a farmhouse. 

Sturmgeschutz III ("Stug III") advances up to the bocage on the south flank.

An M4E8 ("Easy 8") advances up the road and comes under fire from the Tiger.

The Panzer IVs guard the river crossing.

My M36 advances up to the bocage on the southern flank.

My M36 and the Stug III exchange shots.

The StugIII is hard to hit, but is destroyed by my M36.

Another Sherman tank advances over the bocage but is caught in the open.

Another Stug III arrives to reinforce the Germans.

My M36 takes a long range shot at the newcomer, but to no avail.
Another Sherman tank arrives in the American center.

One Panzer IV takes up a position on the south side of the farmhouse...

...while it's companion continues to guard the bridge.

While on the west side of the river, the Tiger tank moves to another position behind bocage.
The newly arrived Stug III takes out my M36!

One of the Panzer IVs backs up behind the barn.

The Tiger and the Easy 8 begin their cat & mouse game around the woods. 

The Tiger advances.
The Easy 8 advances, just far enough to take several shots at the Tiger.

Both tanks are struck several times.  The Tiger suffered minimal damage, but the Easy 8 became hard-pressed.

One of the Panzer IVs advances around the farmhouse and attempts to take some potshots at some Sherman tanks.

Another M36 arrives to reinforce the American's stalled advance.
One Sherman takes a shot at the newly arrived Stug III

The Stug III returns fire.
My newly arrived M36 provides supporting fire against the Stug III.
The Panzer IV moves to the front of the farmhouse looking for targets.
The Tiger doubles-back towards the woods on the north flank.

The Easy 8 and Tiger at a final stand-off.


This was an enjoyable, yet challenging scenario.

This was my first time playing the game.  The only problem I, and us newbies had was understanding the results of the command dice die rolls.   A quick reference chart could alleviate this problem.

Otherwise, What A Tanker is fun, easy and quick to play, that requires less resources than "more serious" games.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Stern Rake Studio--10th Anniversary

I originally started this blog 10 years ago today as therapy while I recovered and convalesced from hernia repair surgery.

Since then, I've branched off into making YouTube movies and concocting webcomics, like The Chronicles of Culhwch y Drewllyd, derived from the games I've played.

It's been a rewarding "journey" and I hope to continue this internet "voyage" for another 10 years--hopefully even longer.

Thank you for your readership and support.