Saturday, January 13, 2018

After Action Review of: Liberia--Descent into Hell

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I can't remember when I bought Fiery Dragon's Mini-Game#19, Liberia: Descent Into Hell.  Sometime later, I discovered my friend Joe also had a copy, and has been interested in the wars of post-World War II, sub-Saharan Africa.

We talked about playing the game for years.  Finally, a few months ago, we had a few hours of free time on a Saturday and played nearly three turns.  (We did a trial run a month before this, but made too many mistakes interpreting the rules, that it wasn't worth writing about).

I used Plasq's Comic Life 3' "Harrowing Tales" template to concoct this web-comic version of our after action report (AAR).

So our tabletop descent into Hell.

An additional copy of this post can also be found on the Studio Storyboards:

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Holiday Greetings 2017

Last month, my wife and I spent Veteran's Day at The Museum of Flight.

On the way back home, one of the radio stations already started playing Christmas music.  One of the tunes that popped-up was Snoopy's Christmas vs. the Red Baron by The Royal Guardsmen.

I was surprised to discover my wife never heard of it.  I remember having a 45 RPM record of it and playing it constantly during the Christmas Season.

This inspired me to concoct one of my e-greeting cards for the year.  The picture is from an air war game during last year's Enfilade Convention.

I scrolled through my picture files for other images I could convert to a greeting card.  The only other picture that struck my fancy was this image from the same file of my friend Dean's First Battle of St Albans game.

Now it is a bit anachronistic, because the carol, Here We Come A-wassailing, wasn't composed until 1850.  But I I thought it'd be funny to have this band of knights signing a "road trip" Christmas carol, instead of some bloodthirsty fight-song.

And finally, here's a picture of my siblings and I.  Despite the fact it was taken during our mom's funeral I love this picture, especially since it was the last time we've all been able to get together.

Since we looked like a team of professionals, I thought paraphrasing a line from Die Hard would make a great opening line.

Best wishes to all of you this Christmas Season and throughout the New Year!

Friday, November 3, 2017

GeekGirlCon 2017's Cosplayers, Vendors and Cosplay Contest

While GeekGirlCon bills itself as "the celebration of the female geek," men attended and made a good showing among cosplayers at this year's convention.

My first encounter was with Charles Arrasmith (a.k.a. The Omnus) looking badass as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier.

Now this teenager, who was with his family, put on some Spider-Man poses.

I had to tell him "okay, thanks" otherwise he would have kept on posing.  His mom told me he practices all the time.  His practice certainly paid off.

I'll end the "men's category" with a sinister, but debonair flourish with this picture of
Jareth the Goblin King.

And now for the Women's Category:

I'm not sure who this woman was suppose to be, but her costume was striking.  There were several of us snapping pictures of her.

Okay, now here's a cosplay character I recognized--Natasha Romanova (a.k.a. The Black Widow.

Several crossplayers were also attended.  This woman impressed me with her Indiana Jones, not because I've dressed as Indy (okay, that's part of the reason)...

...but I loved all her props!  The Golden Idol was a piggy bank she found in Thailand or Japan (I forget which).  Her Holy Grail was half-filled with water, and her Headpiece to the Staff of Ra was printed on both sides.

Cosplayers often travel in pairs or packs.

I ran into Belle a couple of times and had to give her wide birth because of her ballgown.

Now here was an odd match up:  Snow White, the Evil Queen and Lara Croft.

Here was a mother and daughter dressed as steampunk versions of Pokemon characters.

Right after the Cosplay Contest, I ran into this badass Merida and told her she should have entered the contest.

She said she found out about it too late to sign up.

The only "Couples' Category" I managed to encounter was Black Widow paired-up with Thom Cruz as Red Hood, whom I've never heard of until I looked him up for this post.

I didn't by too much merchandise. However, one item really caught my eye.  This Exasperated Woman Switchboard Operator poster from RxLetterpress.  I even had the artist, Emily Riley (holding the picture) and her friend sign it.

Since I got my boss's approval, I plan on framing it and hanging it up at work.

The Cosplay Contest drew practically a standing-room-only crowd.  I found a seat on the stage-left end.

The lighting was dim, and I still suck at taking action photos.

But here's the best one I managed to take featuring our emcee,  Lauren (a.k.a. Random Tuesday) seen below in the fairy costume holding the microphone:

Here's one of the little girl in the steampunk Pokemon costume:

And this is best picture I took of our finalists, along with our emcee and judges (on the right):

Since I had to work the following day, I left shortly after the Cosplay Contest.

I've always liked attending GGC and hope to attend future conventions--work schedule permitting.