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Star Wars Freedom in the Galaxy Campaign: The Heliax Affair

Acting on a hot tip from a brothel, Special Group One (SG1), ventured into the Heliax Mountains to search for rebel operative Ly Mantok.  Using nap-of-the-earth flying, the group set their Ghtroc-720 freighter down within a few kilometers of a suspected rebel training camp.

The four beings selected as the landing party were:  Peros (Seth), Pepsor (Daniel), Garik Starka (Ted) and the Trandosian soldier Bossk (Kayla).

The party evaded the inexperienced security patrol and came within several hundred meters of the rebel camp.  Despite the malfunctions of their visual tracking equipment, the party determined neither Ly Mantok, nor his associates were among the inductees in the camp.

They made their way to the starship parked less than a kilometer from the camp. 

The ship, which turned out to be the Consular-Class Cruiser Explorer, was left unguarded and the access hatches were open.  The team entered the vessel, hoping to catch the bridge crew by surprise.  Unfortunately, the rebels were waiting for them.

When the team opened the blast doors, a fire fight erupted on the Explorer's bridge.  Events took a turn for the worse, when the rebel Wookie Odene Hobar and the young Jedi, Robi Samuul entered the fray.

Garik was shot by Hobar's deadly bowcaster. 

Because of the seriousness of his wound and his exposed position, Garik played dead for the remainder of the firefight.  Despite the surprise attack by the Wookie and the Jedi, SG1 managed to turn the tide of the battle.  Vudot Vodot, the rebel Jedi/Scout, was critically wounded, while Pepsor cornered Ly Mantok at the pilot's station. 

The remaining rebels quickly surrendered when their leader gave up.  Once the ship and prisoners were secured, SG1 took off and rendezvoused with their freighter and team mates.

Each of the rebels was brought before Pepsor and the Durosian pilot, Tren Luk (Ted), who were both skilled at persuasion.  Robi, the first one to be interviewed, broke down in tears after several minutes of mild questioning.  He was despondent over his failure and talked about how he could never face his teacher again--the Jedi Master Yoda, living on Degobah.

The Sith Adept, Kess (Adrian) employed his dark arts to block Robi's emotions from the Force and possibly communicating with Yoda.  After all the rebels were questioned, Kess informed Tren and Pepsor that he "could not feel" Robi's thoughts any longer.

The team immediately went to Robi's cell, only to discover the young Jedi hung himself using various articles of clothing.

Not knowing SG1 consisted of Imperial operatives, the remaining rebels decided to cooperate,  especially after given food, water and medical treatment.

After the interrogations, the stormtroopers were called in to clean out the rebel training camp and the team met with their contact Moff Jenkins on board his stardestoyer.  He then brought them up to date on the current situation within the system.  While SG1 was rounding up rebels, civil war broke out on Heliax.  Grand Moff Argon raised planetary taxes without the Emperor's approval, putting the system one step closer to open rebellion. 

In Jenkins opinion, Grand Moff Argon is incompetent.  If he could be removed, Jenkins would be next in line for Argon's position and could restore the situation on Heliax.  Of course, it would take far too long for the Imperial bureaucracy to draw up the necessary orders to fire Argon.  If SG1 could help "expidite" matters, Jenkins would be very appreciative.

For SG1, however, one level of intrigue apparently isn't enough.  As soon as the team returned to their two-ship flotilla, they received a message from Grand Moff Argon.  He expressed his appreciation for their work at cleaning out Heliax of rebel scum and everyone on the team is cordially invited to the formal dinner he's hosting in their honor...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone: The Writer's Guide to Social Media, wrote a very touching post about gratitude on her blog.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Star Wars: Freedom In The Galaxy Campaign

My friend Dan started his own Star Wars RPG (role playing game) campaign over the weekend.  It takes place at the beginning of the Rebellion Era, but before the Battle of Yavin.  Dan's campaign has two unique features.  First, it is a Dark Side campaign.  That is, we're working for the Galactic Empire

Dan gave the group a choice on whether we'd work for the Empire or the fledgling Rebellion.  The motion to play Dark Siders was decided by a margin of one vote.

Now I have to ask:  What kind of guy would want... work for a government as corrupt and depraved... Palpatine's Empire?

It boggles the imagination, doesn't it?

Alterior motives for joining the Empire aside:  The second unique aspect of Dan's campaign is he's using the game Freedom in the Galaxy, as the area of operations for our PCs (player characters). 

The first session consisted of training completion and the group's initial mission.  According to a Top Secret communique, that GNN (Galactic News Network--"a loyal citizen's ONLY news source") received from an anonymous tipster, the group managed to uncover cell of "rebel scum" at an undisclosed location.  They're currently on the trail of someone by the name of Ly Mantok.

My characters couldn't make this first mission because they


But fear not, loyal citizens of the Empire, my characters are eager to...

...see new worlds...

...make things right, and... their part and serve!

The racy images are brought to you by Feng Zhu Design.

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The Redshift Chronicles Spin-Off

(Image from:  Next Movie)

After much careful thought, I decided to create a "spin-off" from this blog.  I've been running a Star Wars role-playing game for about a year now.  That is, as much as my work schedule will permit me to do so.  While I'm an omnivorous player, I intend to focus my game mastering energies on my Star Wars Legacy Era campaign. 

I copied and pasted all the "SW Redshift Campaign" material over to it's new home, The Redshift Chronicles. The current Redshift material will remain here, for historical and continuity purposes, but future posts will be uploaded on to the new blog.  Updates can be found on the Studio Spin Offs Tab, on the right and near the top.

I don't think I'll be spreading myself thin, because this is material I've been writing and posting about anyway.  I'm just creating a unique space for this game's story arc on the internet, in order to make it more accessible to readers and fans. 

For those of you who've been following the misadventures of the Redshift Players, thank you for your support and encouragement.  I hope you enjoy the new site.

For anyone new to Stern Rake Studio and are curious about one man's version Star Wars gaming, albiet however warped and twisted it might be from George Lucas's vision, come on over to The Redshift.

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Star Wars RPG PCs: Garik Starka and Tren Luk

Disembarking from their shuttle, Garik Starka (human scout) and Tren Luk (Duros scoundrel), are represented by Mercenary Commander (35/40 Fringe 24 and Duros Scoundrel (43/60 Fringe 12), figures, respectively.  Both were manufactured for Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Miniatures.  The shuttle, a paper model, was available at Ebbles Miniatures. 

Tren Luk
(Size--Medium) Duros Scoundrel 1

Tren’s parents owned a small shipping firm located on Duro.  Tren, an only child, was actually born on a starship during one of his family’s business ventures.  Unfortunately, the family home and business was destroyed, along with major portions of the planet, during General Grievous’s Operation Durge's Lance, at the height of the Clone Wars.  His father was wounded during the Battle of Duro.
The rise of the Empire hasn’t helped the Luk family.  Forced to relocate to orbital cities, while the Empire pillaged Duro’s natural resources, Tren’s parents lacked the finances and political connections to buy an adequate-sized apartment.  To add insult to injury, the only jobs they could get were custodial positions—which they hold to this day.
In order to escape the poverty of the lower levels, Tren became involved in a juvenile gang, something his father continually fought against, but to no avail.  Despite--or maybe because of, his gang connections--Tren managed to graduate from starship pilot training.  Once he was old enough, Tren signed-on with an independent freighter, where he met…
Garik Starka
(Size--Medium) Human Scout 1

Garik’s life mirrored Tren’s in several ways.  Born and raised on Corell, in the Corellia System, Garik followed his father’s footsteps and learned the trade of scouting.  While his father specialized in wilderness tracking, Garik was more interested in starship operations.  Garik’s father ran his own outfitter business, taking tourists to the peak of Dregan's Pike.  However, in the aftermath of Operation Durge’s Lance and the devastation of Duro, the business folded in the following recession.  Garik’s father now works as a taxi speeder driver in Coronet, the capital city, while his mother works as a cashier in a speeder parts store.
Both Player Characters (PCs) became friends and budding-business partners shortly after the Clone Wars (circa 19 BBY). 
They’re ambivalent about the Empire and are more concerned about the health and welfare of their respective parents.  (They send 10-20% of their earnings home).  They currently work for a private shipping company, specializing in government contracts for transporting supplies, equipment and personnel (the other PCs), for the Empire. 
They plan on owning their own YT-Series starship once they’ve scraped up enough credits.  Right now, they’re content serving their time on board—whatever ship they’re assigned to. 

(Click on image to enlarge)
Tren Luk's Stats

Destiny: -- Force: 5 Dark Side: 0

Init: +2 Senses:

Languages: Basic and Durese

Defenses: Ref-15, Fort-12, Will-12

HP 19; Threshold 12

Speed: 6

Base Atk: +0

Abilities: Str 12, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 17

Talents: Expert Pilot, Spacehound

Feats: Weapon Proficiencies (Blaster Pistols, Simple Weapons and Starship Weapons), Point-Blank Shot

Skills (Trained): Initiative +7, Persuasion +8, Pilot +7, Mechanics +6, Use Computer +6

Possessions: Heavy Blaster Pistol, Knife, Concealed Holster, Data Pad, Credit Chip, Power Recharger, Binder Cuffs, Utility Belt with the following--3 day supply of food capsules, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, liquid cable dispenser, small grappling hook, comlink and glowrod; plus 2 additional Power Packs.

Garik Starka's Stats

Destiny: -- Force: 5 Dark Side: 0

Init: +1 Senses:

Languages: Basic

Defenses: Ref-13, Fort-12, Will-11

HP 25; Threshold 12

Speed: 6

Base Atk: +0

Abilities: Str 12, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 12

Talents: Jury Rigger

Feats: Shake It Off, Vehicular Combat, Weapon Proficiencies (Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles and Simple Weapons)

Skills (Trained): Endurance +6, Initiative +6, Mechanics +6, Perception +6 , Pilot +6 ,

Possessions: Blaster Carbine with Standard Scope, Knife, Credit Chip, Fusion Lantern, Utility Belt with the following--3 day supply of food capsules, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, liquid cable dispenser, small grappling hook, comlink and glowrod; plus 2 additional Power Packs.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gaming the Next War?

Normally, I don't mix politics and wargaming, but the trouble brewing over Iran's nuclear program is on the verge of reaching critical mass, which makes it impossible for anyone to ignore.  Speculation is high that Israel will launch a preemptive strike against Iran.

The question is:  When?

Possibly before Christmas, according to this article in the UK Mail. Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) is also convinced that such a move will most likely occur under Obama's watch, rather than a Republican successor, in this NRO article.

What would be the fallout of such an operation?

Clash of Arms Games latest product, Persian Incursion, explores the geo-strategic and operational dilemmas, such a strike would entail.

Michael Peck discusses his lessons learned in his latest article in Wired.

Persian Incursion, harkens back to the military roots of the gaming hobby.  That is, using military simulations to analyse the possiblities of imminent conflicts, dating to Prussia's Kriegspiel.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here's a pulp-ish title I made up for the Star Wars RPG adventure on Gadnek Island.

SW Redshift Chronicles, Intelligence Brief #10: Gadnek Is AAR, Part 6

Saved from a gruesome death!

Situation:  1900 hours.

En-route to Pierson Station at hypersonic speed.

Pierson Station and TAg facilities.

Cad So Billes and Seleq Seel escort Damathon Cohain off the rescue shuttle.
They're greeted by Penelope Pelletin and Adoko.

Rican Vranos Lah To Ceel escort Lt. Onjo Naguza off the rescue shuttle.

Damathon Cohain and Lt. Naguza were given a quick medical exam and determined to be suffering shock.  However, despite the party's harrowing experience, their time back on Pierson Station proved to be fleeting.

One of the files Sei'do Avari downloaded from the Bongolaanian computer contained invasion plans directed against the station and the surrounding Tarsan-held islands. 

Since it was now imperative that the invasion plans be taken to the Tarsan Defense Force Command, the station's only emergency express boat (x-boat) was prepared for immediate take-off. 

As the weary members of DST-3, along with Damathon Cohain and Lt. Naguza boarded the x-boat, they were joined by the Tau Tau Force Mystic, Gobar Been, who wanted to "follow the Will of the Force."

The x-boat lifted off from Pierson Station before midnight and once beyond Zenya-3's gravity well, Cad So Billes, pushed the throttles forward and the vessel fired into hyperspace. 

Destination:  Tarsus.

The invasion plan details will be addressed in Intelligence Brief #11.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

SW Redshift Chronicles, Intelligence Brief #9: Gadnek Is AAR, Part 5

Preparing their last stand.

With only minutes to spare, the party split into two teams.  The first team with the most combat skills and led by Thege Kli'Klotaz, manned the rooftop barricade. 

Situation:  1700 hours.

The Bongolaanian basecamp was perched on top of a cliff, overlooking a small bay.  The camp consisted of one prefab building, two storage facilities and a dirt-packed landing strip.  The forward defense was in the form of a 1.5 meter-high wall, that extended between two rocky outcrops, the party hoped would be impassable for the oncoming mutants.

Several members vowed to throw themselves off the cliff, or save one blaster shot for themselves, if they were about to be overrun.

Barricading the door.

Meanwhile, the second team, led by Cad So Billes, worked on barricading and re-sealing the damaged door, while Sei'do Avari and Lt. Naguza reactivated the camp's computer and transmitter.  Naguza assisted Sei'do in bypassing the computer's security firewalls and swore that if he survived, he would seek political asylum on Tarsus.  Sei'do utilized Naguza's code cylinder and downloaded various files from the camp's computer.

The mutant horde charges out of the jungle.

The rooftop team opened fire as soon as the first mutants broke out of the treeline.  The rooftop team blazed-away at the mutant horde with impunity.

A Force-User leading the rifle-armed mutants.

However, within several minutes, the tactical situation took a turn for the worse.  The squad of rifle-armed mutants arrived and subjected the team to a steady barrage of suppression fire with their slug throwers.  As bullets pinged off the barricade walls, the rooftop team returned fire and spotted a human wielding a red-beamed lightsaber among the armored mutants.  The Force-User handily deflected any blaster shots directed at him.

As the battle raged, Lt. Naguza contacted Rican Vranos, another member of DST-3 (Diplomatic Security Team Three), leading a search party on another island.  Cad So Billes reported their dire situation and requested immediate evac. 

Rican promised he'd depart immediately--however--it was a two hour flight time to their position.

Cad replied, "Frak!  Better hurry, or there'll be no one left to evacuate!"

The mutants breakthrough!

Once the door barricade was in place and their exact coordinates transmitted to Rican, the ground team abandoned their position and scrambled on to the roof.  They arrived, just as the mutants neared the perimeter wall.  Thege braced his heavy blaster rifle, switched to full-auto and poured blaster fire into the seething mass of howling mutants.  On the other end of the rooftop barricade, Sei'do lobbed several hand grenades at mutants clustered behind the perimeter wall.  The rest of the team picked-off mutants as they climbed over the wall.

Despite cutting-down mutants by the score, more creatures poured into the narrow gap.  After nearly two hours of continuous fighting, the party was down to their last, half-empty powerpacks.  The hand grenades had all been expended during the first minutes of the battle.

At sunset, the mutants breached the perimeter, thanks to the Force-User, who used his lightsaber to gouge a large hole in the wall.  The mutant horde surged forward and swarmed around the building.  As the axe and club wielding mutants smashed windows and battered the door, the rifle-armed creatures intensified their suppressive onto the rooftop redoubt. 

All seemed lost, when the rescue shuttle dropped out of the sky, with repulsor engines screaming.

Saved in the nick-of-time!

Rican manned the entry hatch, firing his blaster rifle at mutants climbing the building.  Damathon was pulled into the shuttle first, while the rest of the party boarded two-at a time.  Thege was the last one to board, after draining the powerpack of his heavy blaster rifle.

Blasting-off amid a hail of bullets.

The rooftop redoubt overrun by mutants.

Situation:  1900 hours.

Once everyone was strapped in, the shuttle pilot shoved the throttles forward and set course for Pierson Station at hypersonic speed.

The epilogue will be found on Intelligence Brief #10, Gadnek Is AAR, Part 6.

SW Redshift Chronicles, Intelligence Brief #8: Gadnek Is AAR, Part 4

Mutants in pursuit.

Situation:  1100 hours.

Within minutes of setting-out for the Bongolaanian basecamp, the party was assaulted by scores of mutants.  The creatures attacked from all directions, even dropping out of trees and leaping out of spider holes. 

Barely maintaining the lead.

While traversing the southern hills, mutants threw rocks and even rolled down boulders in an attempt to stop the party.

Situation:  1200 hours.

When the party reached the crest of the southern hills, they discovered the primitively-armed mutants were the least of their problems.  From their impromptu observation point, the party watched several Lambda-Class shuttles air-dropping cargo containers onto the island's central valley.  These containers were identical to the one they came across earlier (see Gadnek Island AAR #2).

Lambda-Class shuttles dropping cargo containers.

The Lambdas sped off as soon as the containers hit the ground.  However, two vessels circled-back and landed near the Ruins of Mumbak (located at the "M" on the map).  The ships appeared to be Sith Infiltrators.  One member of the team mananged to keep his electro-binoculars during the pursuit and observed the activity near the Infiltrators.  Within minuts of landing, over a dozen rifle-armed mutants in red battle armor, disembarked from the ships.

"I have a bad feeling about this."

Situation: 1500 hours.

At this point the party faced a tough choice:  Make a run for it in the open valley, gaining speed, over cover and concealment?  Or, continue to hack their way through the hills and jungle, mainting their concealment against the new arrivals?


Breaking through the trap.

After fighting through a major ambush near the treeline, the party made a break for it, on to the open plains. 

Situation: 1600 hours.

The mutants harried the party for 13 kilometers.

In sight of the eastern hills.

Through the mountain pass.

Outrunning the mutants.

By the time the party stumbled into the basecamp, everyone was suffering from some level of exhaustion.  Damathon collapsed and was dragged into the small compound. 

The Bongolaanian basecamp.

Everyone else took a moment to catch their breath and take stock of their situation.  Looking around, they realized the camp was ransacked--probably by the mutants, while Naguza and his battledroids went off to search for Damathon.  Everyone had lost, or expended, half their blaster power packs and hand grenades.  Sian Squnn and Jad Jo Dop had lost their weapons during the final run to the camp.
The roar and howls of the approaching mutants meant the party only had several minutes, at most, to establish a defensive perimeter and attempt to radio for help.

To be continued in Intelligence Brief #9: Gadnek Is AAR, Part 5.