Thursday, March 26, 2020

Pass in Review: Wizkid Pre-Painted Products

(Image:  Medieval Farmer Set by Wizkids)

There’s plenty of internet memes about gamers relishing the opportunity to catch up on painting projects while under COVID-19 “Stay-At-Home” orders.

Sounds great—until you actually get sick.

Two Saturdays ago I woke up to get ready for my night shift—and felt terrible.  I called my boss and told him I was sick.  Within two days, three coworkers, my boss, and a coworker’s spouse all fell ill.  I encountered one of my coworkers at the emergency room parking lot as we waited to get evaluated.

“Fortunately” it was “just” the flu and not COVID-19, but everyone was quarantined for several days before being allowed to come back to work.

During my illness I had no motivation to do anything.  Even reading exacerbated my nausea.  So I wasn’t up to doing any photo shoots of my Warhammer 40,000 collection, concocting webcomics, or even writing a simple blogpost.

One of the few activities I could do was some online “shopping therapy.”

Two items I ordered were the Medieval Homestead and the Medieval Farmer Set, via The Miniature Market, for about $35.99 each.

Both products are part of Wizkids plastic 4D Terrain line. 

What I like most about these products is they’re already painted.  Or as I like to say:  I love miniature items I don’t have to cut, paste or paint.

The items have a “toy-ish” look, especially the domestic animals.  However, unlike kid’s toys, the quality is good and scale is appropriate for skirmish or role playing games (RPGs), especially since the none of the items represent any of the combat figures or central characters.

(Image:  Medieval Homestead by Wizkids)

I’m happy with my purchase and look forward to adding more Wizkids’ 4D Terrain to my collection, which will probably be this...

...the Jungle Shrine Set.  These items seem appropriate for any setting:  Heroic fantasy, pulp, and even science fiction.

It’s not like we haven’t seen such a match-up before...

(Image from Star Trek, the Original Series, episode The Apple)