Monday, December 22, 2014

Epic Proxies for 40K

(Image:  An Unending Crusade by 

I've use to see Epic 40K figures in game stores for years.  Even though I love sci-fi gaming and micro-scale figures, I never bought the rules, or any of the miniatures.

Despite being classified as 6mm, the figures always looked much bigger than the miniatures from other manufacturers, like GHQ, C in C and Ground Zero Games.

Now that I've been dabbling in WH40K, I almost regret not purchasing any Epic figures, especially since it is no longer published and supported by Games Workshop.

This is where proxies come in handy.  That is, different figures used in place of the originals.  Although according to this WH40K forum, a proxy is a temporary measure, where a "counts as," (CA) is permanent.

In my case, I'm using M-113 armored personnel carriers (APCs) and M-113 medium reconnaissance vehicles (MRVs), to count as Rhinos and Predators used primarily by the Space Marines.

Starting with six M-113s and five MRVs, I divided them up to match the color schemes of my other sci-fi micro miniatures.

Staged Photos

I used my terrain board and a backdrop to illustrate these new figures, and provided some examples of well-known Space Marine Chapters:

The White Scars make a quick strike against a suspected enemy position. 

The Adepta Sororitas searching for heretics. 

Space Wolves on the prowl. 

Blood Angel Predator on patrol. 

Dark Angel Predator  covering the same ground. 

Of course, there are the master craftsmen, like this guy...

(Image from Felix's Miniatures Gallery)

...or serious collectors, like this...

(Image from Steve Milford's Hobby Blog

...along with other "eye candy" you can find on the internet. 

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