Friday, April 14, 2017

WAB Corner Collection #2--Medievals

(Image, The Battle of Worringen by Wraith DT)

This second installment of my WAB Corner Collection consists of various medieval factions.

Nearly all the figures are from Old Glory Miniatures various 25mm historical range with one exception, which I'll make note of later.

Overall, Dean's figures are based on the troops and heraldry from the Holy Roman Empire (HRE) of the 13th Century, and specifically centered around the Battle of Worringen (5 June 1288).

 A couple years ago, Dean set up a Worringen scenario, and then played-out the battle using the rules Lion Rampant by Osprey Publishing.

The results of Dean's tabletop battle was anything but historical, but he and his friend Kimo enjoyed themselves.

And now, at least two allied contingents of the Duchy of Brabant may (someday) march again!

Old Glory's Mongols in Europe range painted as serjeants from the Duchy of Juelich.
An elevated view of the Juelicher serjeants.

More Old Glory Mongols in Europe range, this time representing serjeants from the Duchy of Berg.
A ground level view of Berger serjeants.

On a medieval battlefield, there's no such thing as "too much firepower."  John I, Duke of Brabant has two cannons at his disposal.

A gun battery from Old Glory's Hussite range.
A second view of the cannons.
In addition to the big guns, the Brabantines are packin' more portable firepower.

These handgunners are also from Old Glory's Hussite range.
A second unit of handgunners...
...and a third unit of handgunners.
Despite the newfangled firearms, the Brabantines also rely on some tried-and-true missile weapons.
A "mixed" unit of crossbowmen.  That is, these figures came from Old Glory's Norman and Hussite ranges.

These archers were converted from Wargames Factory Numidians.
Another look at the former-Numidian archers in skirmish order (without the movement tray).

And then there's the serf's who toil on the Duke's lands--until there's a call-to-arms.

Armed serfs from various Old Glory ranges.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Id...

(Image: Cover to The Wizard of Id #3)
"The King is a Fink!"

For more on The Wizard of Id, check out John Hart Studios.


DeanM said...

Ted: Nice to see those figures again. They could be used for a lot time-periods; particularly the spearmen and peasants. Now all you need are some mounted troops :)

DeanM said...

Oh, foroot to mention the cannon and handguns are too modern for Worringen.