Sunday, January 15, 2012

Product Review: GW's Battle of Five Armies Rulebook

I picked up this set of rules for about $10 and then paid an addtion $2+change for shipping and handling. 

The game itself was produced by Games Workshop (GW) in 2005.  Copies are available on-line, like the one I found on eBay.  Bidding, however, is due to close in just under two days (17 January 2012).  US distrubitors appear to still carry the game, according to GW's website.

Reviews on the complete game average just under 7 on Boardgame Geek's 10-point scale.  The most common observation was this game is based on their Warmaster system.  Or as one reviewer quipped:  "It's Warmaster in Middle Earth."

I own several Warmaster rule books, along with bags of unpainted 6mm (millimeter) figures.  Warmaster is based on 10mm, which is too large for my 6mm-scale terrain.  But I figure the rules should work well enough with 6mm figures as with 10mm.  (When it comes to miniatures, I game exclusively in 6mm for large-scale battles and 25/28mm for skirmishes and role playing games).

Flipping through the lavishly illustrated book, I recognized the Warmaster mechanics, before I logged on to Boardgame Geek's page.  I doubt I'll ever buy the game, because of the scale difference, but I'm happy I acquired the rules.  I'm sure GW will roll out more products later thsi year, as The Hobbit's release date draws near.

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