Sunday, April 17, 2011

Discovering Elfquest

(Image of Nighfall by fan artist "OrangejuiceAddict")

I've known of the Elfquest graphic novel saga for decades, but never delved into it.  That is, until my friend Adrian sent me a link to this Elfquest Fan Fiction trailer site:

Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes pooled their talents to create an enticing video short, which they hope will lead to Elfquest productions.

After scrolling through the fan trailer site, I decided to check out the source:

The graphic novel, which debuted in February 1978, is now available online for free.  (Click on the Comics Tab, then the Digital EQ Online Comics). 

I added a link to the Elfquest sit to this blog under the On Line Comics tab on the right toolbar.

It Looks like I have a lot of reading to catch up on...


Eli Arndt said...

This is an amazing story. I discovered Elfquest quite by accident in 1979 when I picked up two random issues while out buying books with my grandmother.

I was hooked from then on. I managed to get all the missing back issues and then continued to pick up the original series and then the first sequel series.

After that I must say that I fell a bit out of it since the Pinis were not solely in control. Still there were good things that came after including the Chaosium RPG.

Elfquest presents gamers with a nice idea of how to run a dramatic, story-based campaign with plenty of character development, adventure, role-playing and just enough combat to keep things from getting boring.


Eli Arndt said...
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Ted Henkle said...

Thanks for commenting Eli! I look forward to delving into the graphic novels. A commenter on Facebook also had high praise for the RPG. I remember seeing the RPG books kicking around the gamestore--now I wish I bought them!

Take care.