Friday, March 4, 2011

Second Stage Project

While I haven't completed the finishing touches on my first "miniature stage" yet, I decided to start on the second one anyway.  This time, I used a Clone Wars Battle Set box, from Wizards of the Coast, as my frame.  I followed nearly the same procedure I mentioned in All The World's a (Miniature) Stage post, except on this occassion, I changed the order in which I applied the different materials.

The first thing I did, was to slather on some glue to the box's sides and past the blue felt sky to it.
Next, I selected a distant mountain range for a backdrop, slathered glue on the back of it and pasted it against the sky.

After letting the sky and mountain range dry for 30 minutes, I carved-up another piece of the old army blanket I've been using and configured it to fit the base of my stage.

And--voila!  A framed shot of my new stage.

Uh-oh.  It looks like I left some glue to dry on the blanket.  (Sigh).  I'll try covering it up with some appropriate flocking later.

By installing the sky and backdrop first, the crease between the ground and the horizon isn't anywhere near as noticable, as in my first stage. 

The project dried completely within several hours.  When I examined it, I noticed that the bottom had curled somewhat, so the stage doesn't sit evenly on a flat surface.  I'm assuming the carboard on this box isn't as thick as the Hoth Box I used in my first stage project.  Since I intend to use this stage for smaller figures, like 6mm, I don't expect this to be a problem.  (I hope).


DeanM said...

Looking good, Ted. I thought the backdrop was a printed cloth. Very nice. Regards, Dean

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks Dean! I have some finishing touches to do on both stages, but haven't gotten around to completing them. They're functional for now.