Sunday, September 19, 2021

Pass in Review: Last German Vessel in Cruel Seas Collection (For Now)

(Image from:  Warlord Games)

 The last Kriegsmarine vessel I painted and assembled was the marinefahrprahm, or “F-lighter.”

Here’s how the pros at Warlord Games Shipyard painted the F-lighter:

(Image: Warlord Games Kriegsmarine Marinefahrprahm)

Here’s a port and starboard side views of my vessel:

And here’s a fore & aft oblique view:

I painted the hull and superstructure with The Army Painter’s “Wolf Grey.”  I decided to paint portions of the deck two shades of brown to represent wooden planking.  I don’t know if F-lighters had any wooden decks.  I just wanted to add some color other than various shades of blue and grey. 

This brings my Cruel Seas “ship building program” to the halfway point.

Along with the German Kriegsmarine vessels, I finished my Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) craft and vessels for the Soviet Navy, which includes one American “Lend Lease” sub chaser.

I’m currently working on 10 USN PT boats.  After these are done, I’ll start working on my British Royal Navy vessels, leaving the Italian Regia Marina as the last Cruel Seas faction to be assembled. 

It’s taken me 15 months to get to this point.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to send more vessels “down the slipways” at a quicker rate from now on. 

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