Saturday, August 7, 2010

Premiere Podcast of "The Grue Cafe"

My sister, "Rox of Spazhouse," along with a couple of friends started a new gaming podcast called The Grue Cafe.  In this premiere episode, Character Creation, Rox, Kim and "Doc" Ezra discuss what drew them into the gaming hobby, what do they look for in a game and what game(s) are they playing now:

Rox is primarily a role-playing gamer, while Kim and Doc are into computer games, so most of the discussion centers on these gaming genres. 

The Grue Cafe is one of many entertaining podcasts that can be found on the Need Coffee dot com website, specializing in entertainment and pop culture, run by "Widge."  Their most famous (or is it "infamous?") podcasts is a program called Weekend Justice, which is posted every Friday.


DeanM said...


Wow - so the whole family are gamers; very interesting. Hmmm, the more I've been gaming different rules, the more I am apt to try RPG. Regards, Dean

Ted Henkle said...

My brother was the one who introduced me to gaming. He bought me AH's "Kriegspiel" for one of my teen b-days. My other two sisters have dabbled in gaming. RPGs are fun!


DeanM said...


A few weeks ago Adrian was musing that he wanted to run a campaign type of game similar to the one Wes ran for us. He said it could be something based upon an Italian scenario with Italian-Greeks, Roman, and possibly Carthaginian contingents - around the time of Pyrrhus - early-mid 3rd Cent. BC. Not RPG, but kind of close. Dean