Friday, April 27, 2012

Book Review: Danger Girl, The Ultimate Collection

Just as I was leaving the Emerald City Comicon, I happened to see a copy of Danger Girl: The Ultimate Collection and added this to my own, less-than ultimate graphic novel collection.  I've known of Danger Girl, but haven't read any of the stories, until now.  This volume is comprised of Danger Girl 1-7, along with a prelude, and introduces us to pistol-packin' Abbey Chase...

...whip-crackin' Sydney Savage...

...knife-tossin' Natalia Kassle...

...and techie wizardess "Silicon" Valerie... they attempt to thwart the plans of the Hammer Empire's quest for global conquest.  (Or "reconquest" in the minds of these neo-nazi types).

I found this series to be fantastically drawn and an entertaining blend of Indiana Jones, James Bond, Charlies Angels and Tomb Raider, with a dash of Star Wars thrown in.  In other words, Danger Girl is an action-adventure movie in comic book form. 

According to the Danger Girl entry in Wikipedia, Abbey and her gal-pals have gotten themselves into several compromising positions since they first tangled with the Hammer Empire back in 1997. 

Danger Girl: The Ultimate Collection also includes an introduction by Bruce Campbell and Danger Girl's creator J. Scott Campbell, along with cover art from the original releases and a sketch book. 

I'm happy to add my 5-star rating to Danger Girl: The Ultimate Collection's, other ten on This piece of work is shaken AND stirred!

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