Breakout from Bongolaan Link to Webcomic

Update:  12 July 2012

A few weeks ago, while uploading a post to my Redshift Chronicles blog, I kept getting a "you-are-approaching-your-maximum-limit-of-photographs" message.  It was probably spam of some sort, especially since I've been able to upload additional photos afterwards.  However, since a webcomic relies on images, I wanted to make sure I had enough storage space for this and future graphic novels. 

So with great reluctance, I removed all the photos of the story, thus far, from the Stern Rake Studio site, but have left a link to the actual comic below.

I'll make additional link pages in this manner, to upcoming novels set in the Star Wars Redshift universe.

Until then, without further adieu, here's the link to Breakout from Bongolaan: Book One of the Redshift Chronicles.