Saturday, February 6, 2021

Comics from "Hijacked" Photos

Most of my posts contain photos of game sessions that I took myself.  

However, with all the on-line "rabbit holes" I venture into, I often come across photos from other gamers that trigger my imagination to write a webcomic or a "5 Second Flick."

I'm leading off today's post with a webcomic I concocted from one of the last pictures from my friend Tim's Indochina game session from a couple years ago. I finally got around to hijacking utilizing it, when I thought of an amusing plot hook for the encounter. 

(Note:  Even though I don't profit from utilizing other people's pics, I first try to ask their permission to use them.  If I can't contact them, I'll at least cite the source).

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across a couple gems from some of the Facebook gaming groups I belong to. 

The first is from Dean B.'s Normandy 1944 scenario of a Bolt Action game session:

I thought this was a great image to paraphrase General Blumentritt's exasperation in the film, The Longest Day

The second photo is from a guy calling himself "Otty." 

He's been posting pictures in the Wargaming in Middle Earth Facebook Group, about the figures he's converting from other fantasy wargames into Middle Earth-suitable troops.

This particular picture reminded me of Lurtz's command to his Uruk-hai in the finale of the film, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring:

I'm currently in the middle of working on a couple of my own Warhammer 40K picture projects, along with painting my Cruel Seas collection.

In the meantime, I thought these hijacked borrowed pics-turned-webcomics would be a nice interlude until I get my act together until I can write the next in-depth blogpost. 

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