Saturday, September 4, 2010

Star Wars Gaming: The Redshift Has Begun...

(Image:  Orion's Thunderbolt)

Redshift:  The astronomical phenomena where stars appear redder than normal, because they are moving away from the observer as the universe expands. 

Or in the Star Wars mystical sense:  When followers of the Light Side of the Force, often characterized by Jedi Knights wielding blue or green-bladed lightsabers; fall under the spell of the Dark Side, represented by the Siths' penchant for red--the color of anger, hatred; and in the case of human beings--blood.

With this imagery in mind, Redshift, is the Star Wars "Legacy Era" we started a week ago.  During this epoch, the players may find themselves fighting along side the grandkids of Luke, Leia, Han and other descendants of the "Rebellion Era," as they struggle to survive the downfall of the Galactic Alliance.

I hosted our first Star Wars role playing game (RPG) last Saturday (28 August), using Wizards of the Coast (WotC) Star Wars Saga Edition rules, (unfortunately, now out of print).  However, my "cunning plan" won't limit Redshift to an RPG campaign.  I intend to use this as a scenario generator for large-scale battles as well.  This way, I can utilize my entire collection of science fiction rules and miniatures:  From my diminutive 6mm figures and terrain, to my robust 25mm pieces--most of which have never seen the light of day, redshifted or otherwise.

(Players and GM wreck havoc in the "Studio")

Our preliminary adventure, Breakout from Bongolaan, found the heroes caught up in an Imperial-sponsored coup on a corrupt planet in the Outer Rim.  The players managed to "...avoid any Imperial entanglements" with the inbound reinforcements, rescue a few VIPs and land on an unoccupied planet.

This episode, along with upcoming game sessions, will be made into a full-length YouTube video and/or an on-line graphic novel.  Until production is complete however, I'll post "Redshift News Updates" and "Intelligence Briefs," to keep the players informed and other readers (hopefully) entertained.

My thanks goes out to Mike Murphy for inspiring me to create a Star Wars version of Bongolesia:

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