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Star Wars Redshift Chronicles: News Brief #1--Inauspicious Beginning

Stardate: Sixday, 007-130 ABY/Fringe Info Network (FIN)--Tarsus Bureau
Subsector:  Shannekam


Over two weeks ago, the Alliance fleet was virtually annihilated at the battle of Caamas by combined forces of the Sith and Fel Empires.  Core and Mid-Rim worlds surrendered within days of the Alliance Navy's defeat.  Outer Rim systems fell soon afterwards from Imperial-sponsored coups, many through the use of Clone War-Era battle droids, which acted as sleeper cells for the usurpers. 

Despite the collapse, some Alliance forces refused to surrender.  Sources within the former Alliance reported Admiral Stazi's Core Fleet managed to break out of the Imperial trap at Caamas and still remains at large.  Meanwhile, nearly all of the Alliance's Jedi Knights have retreated to Ossus and are said to be fortifying their temple against a possible assault.

News of the Caamas disaster did not reach Outer Rim subsectors, due in part, to the normal time-lag from the Core Region news networks.  However, ominous reports of a communications-inhibiting virus infecting the Alliance's Holovid Net, are just now filtering through the border fringe. 

Because of the communications delay, the harbinger of this catastrophic news was the M/V (Merchant Vessel) Aimless Drifter, which fled a coup on Bongolaan and evaded several Imperial task forces converging on the planet.  The starship, seen in the above and following images, made a hard landing at the Newland Down Starport, Docking Pad 21, before dawn this morning.

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Port Authority Security personnel immediately surrounded the vessel once it made planetfall.  Thirteen armed passengers disembarked, some suffering from a variety of injuries ranging from minor to critical.  The standoff between the Bongolaanian refugees and security ended when one of the humans collapsed, reportedly from blaster wounds and hibernation sickness.  Despite being armed with a light saber, the victim muttered repeatedly, "I am not a Jedi," as EMTs carried him off the tarmac.  The remaining passengers were then disarmed and escorted to the Port Authority Security facility.

As of now, only three of the refugees have been identified. 

They are:

Shiri Blen (F), the Twi 'lek holovid celebrity, seen in the brown skin suit.

Callithea Lockridge (F), aide to Tarsan Ambassador Fitzroy Heraud, seen in the powder blue jump suit.

Zeveg Bharzi (M), former President-for-Life of Bongolaan, seen in desert garb.

Both Ambassador Heraud and his aide were on Bongolaan to negotiate a new trade agreement.  The fate of the ambassador remains unknown at this time.

An emergency meeting of the Tarsan Board of Commissioners will convene today at 1500 hours. Discussing the potential ramifications the Alliance collapse may have on this planet and among the other non-aligned worlds, will likely be the only issue on the agenda.  Meanwhile, the Aimless Drifter, along with her cargo--82 tons of Bongolaanian gabaki--remains impounded, pending further investigation.

Reference Notes:

The Battle of Caamas according to Star Wars canon:

The Galactic Alliance Core Fleet:

Admiral Stazi:

Tarsus according to Traveller canon:



From Wizards of the Coast (WotC) Star Wars Miniatures

Special thanks goes to my friend Joe for letting me borrow his Millenium Falcon action figure set.

Literary License:

According to Star Wars canon of the Legacy Era, the Battle of Caamas was fought in 130 ABY (After the Battle of Yavin).  In order to give my Redshift Campaign a good starting reference, I moved the battle ahead to the last month of 129 ABY.

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