Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Updating and Modifying the Studio

I've spent the past several hours trying to update "The Studio."  What prompted this website renovation was the completion of my graphic novel Conan and the Conquest of Hyboria.  While I'm happy to get one more project under my belt, I've been stymied on how best to post it. 
I've tinkered with Blogspot's new "Pages" gadget, but haven't quite deciphered all the functions yet.  So I'm wondering if I have to launch a website in order to support my upcoming graphic novels.  In the meantime, I've made the following changes to The Studio, that I hope improves both readability and searchability:

1. Added a Google "Search the Studio" gadget.

2. Split up the lengthy "Wargaming Blogs" Section into the following smaller bits--
--Adventure Game Blogs
--Campaign Game Blogs
--Horse & Musket Era Blogs
--Multi-Topic Gaming Blogs
--Inactive Blogs

3. Broke up the long "Wargame Websites" Section into the following sub-sections--
--Wargame Forums
--Wargame Journals
--Wargame Resources
--Wargame Organizations
--Wargame Wikis
--Wargame Magazines
--Wargame Companies and Stores

Finally, I re-arranged some of the side-bar sections and shortened the number of displayed posts.  These are the only improvements I can think of at the moment, while I continue my research into website designs and the Page Gaget.

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