Tuesday, September 28, 2010

PNWA 2010 Conference: Lunch With Bob Dugoni

Contrary to popular belief, writers don't subsist entirely on chocolate, coffee and alcohol.  While this might be true for some--okay, most of us--writers need normal, almost-healthy food.  So we can't go all day without a food break.  (See my first conference post about the dangers of that).

But since this was a gathering of writers from all over the world, what better way to become acquainted with your fellow authors and getting some great advice than over a meal?

So to maximize the exchanging-of-ideas experience, by noon each day, PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writers Association) would sponsor a couple of "Lunch With (Insert Name of Famous Author Here)" gatherings.  During these sessions, moderated by Jeff Ayers, the author would discuss various aspects of his or her writing career, from the ups, downs and in-betweens.

The first lunch session of this year's conference was with none other than PNWA's own Robert Dugoni:

Despite his busy schedule of writing, promoting his 4th novel, Bodily Harm, along with practicing law part-time; Bob remains heavily committed to PNWA.  It's rather moving to hear him attribute his success to the association and see him unselfishly give back to the writing community.  Bob can be found at the forefront of any PNWA activity, whether it's leading a panel or coordinating an event.  As a speaker he brings an "I-was-sitting-where-you're-at" perspective that always resonates with his audience.

And that's because us aspiring writers can't wait to be sitting where Bob is at now!

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