Sunday, June 2, 2013

Enfilade 2013--The Movie

Last week, my friend Joe and I did went on a road trip for a "fly-by" of this year's Enfilade convention. 
Normally, this is a 3-day event traditionally held on Memorial Day Weekend.  (One year, it was held in mid-June due to a reservation conflict with the hotel).  Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I was able to attend only a portion of the convention. 
But I did walk away with some cool games!  (See previous post).
Since then, I've been busy sifting through the photos I took and compiling them to make:  Enfilade 2013--The MovieStern Rake Studio's 29th movie portrays only a portion of the convention, specifically, the Saturday 2-6 PM gaming period, or Time Block D, for those who attended.



DeanM said...

Nice work as always - imagine if you stayed for the entire con! Dean

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks Dean! Up until two years ago I was lucky enough to attend the entire convention. Now it seems like my work schedule is conspiring against me.