Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Redshift Chronicles: News Brief #3--Elections and Reparations

Stardate: Fiday, 020-130 ABY/Fringe Info Network (FIN)--Tarsus Bureau

Subsector: Shannekam

Bongolaan Elects a New President

The Bongolaanian Ministry of Truth announced that Bunda Akhtar was elected President-for-Life by a landslide on 008-130 ABY.  Such a claim may be dubious at best, since the former President-for-Life, Zeveg Bharzi, was elected by a similar majority vote, prior to the Galactic New Year.  Bongolaan's new chief executive, seen in the lead photo with his droid body guards, conducted an extensive inspection of the planet's gabaki plantations as his first order of business.  (At this time, it cannot be confirmed whether "political contributions" were collected during Akhtar's inspection tour).

However, in its first week, Akhtar's administration did not confined itself strictly to planetary affairs.  Yesterday, the Tarsan Commision of Diplomatic Affairs (CODA) received a comminique from their counterparts on Bongolaan, responding to Tarsus' demands.  The following are excerpts that have currently been made public:

"While the Government of the People's Democratic Republic of Bongolaan, regret the death of Ambassador Heraud, no formal apology will be issued.  The ambassador was armed and the battle droids returned fire in order to defend themselves."

"Battle droids form an integral part of the Bongolaanian People's Democratic Defense Force.  Therefore, no battle droid will be dismantled for defending the lives and property of Bongolaan's citizens."

"The Government of the People's Democratic Republic of Bongolaan would like to comply with the wishes of the Heraud Family and return the ambassador's remains.  Unfortunately, this is impossible.  Restoration efforts required the immediate disposal of the few decomposing bodies in order to prevent the spread disease."

Pictured above:  Zeveg Bharzi collecting "campaign contributions" from a gabaki plantation owner.

In addition to refusing Tarsus' demands, the Akhtar administration made the following counter claims: 

"The Bonolaanian Ministry of Justice hereby demands the extradition of Zeveg Bharzi, Bongolaan's former president, to face charges of corruption and various crimes against sentient beings."

"In addition to returning Bharzi, the Ministry of Justice also insists upon the extradition of the four individuals who aided him in his escape.  Included in this transmission are two images of these culprits stealing cases of gold latinum, valued at 2,000,000 CR, from the People's Treasury prior to their flight from justice."

Along with the extradition orders, the Bongolaanian Ministry of Finance demanded the Tarsan Board of Directors pay the following in reparations:

--2,000,000 CR for the gold latinum stolen from the People's Treasury
--100,000 CR for the theft of the People's Merchant Vessel (PMV) Aimless Drifter
--82,000 CR for the theft of 82 tons of gabaki on board the PMV Aimless Drifter
--36,000 CR for the cost of replacing the 20 battle droids destroyed by the fugitives
--200 CR fine for the fugitives operating a gabaki barge without a license
--200 CR fine for the fugitives not filing a starship flight plan
--200 CR fine for the fugitives exiting the Bongolaanian system outside the normal departure corridor
--200 CR fine for the fugitives operating a starship without running lights

Total reparations:  2, 218, 800 CR

Tarsus' CODA has not yet issued a response to Bongolaan's counter demands.

Notes on figures:

Miniatures and game mat by Wizards of the Coast.
Bulkead doorway by Paper Make It.

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