Monday, August 23, 2010

The Grue Cafe: Episode 2

(Image:  Rox's 1st Place Trophy for Role Playing in Dragoncon 97)

In Episode #2 of The Grue Cafe, my sister, "Rox of Spazhouse," is joined by her cohost, Kim along with Peter White to discuss the pros and cons of convention gaming:

The "Grue Crew" has a slightly different take on gaming at conventions, because gaming is not the primary focus during events like Atlanta's Dragoncon, or our own Norwescon.  So it becomes a question of how much gaming do you want to do, versus other important happenings--like attending panels hosted by Kelly LeBrock, Summer Glau or Barbara Eden.  (See Dragoncon 2010's Guest List under Film & Television).



However, much of their advice can apply to wargame conventions as well--such as scheduling time to take care of personal hygiene.  Unfortunately, this seems to be a recurring theme, and a common bond among gamers of all types.  So please shower, or bathe regularly!  Your fellow gamers/attendees will appreciate that you did.

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