Thursday, September 23, 2010

PNWA 2010 Conference: Agents and Editors Forum


Literary agents aren't involved in international intrigue.  (Although, wouldn't that be cool if they were?).  Instead, theyr'e embedded in the publishing industry.  They form a partnership with authors; much like John Steed and Emma Peel (played by Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg), of the Avengers, pictured above.  They provide the left-brain business savy to the author's right-brain creativity.

This year, PNWA did away with the agent and editor workshop and dove right into the forum.  Both forums, conducted back-to-back, were hosted by PNWA's perennial MC, Robert Dugoni, who has a talent for keeing this lively and on track. After each agent/editor introduced themselves and discussed what genres they dealt with, Rob would open things up to extensive Q&A sessions.

As in years past, I still don't have a book in the making.  However, I always enjoy attending these forums in order to see the friends I made the previous year and meet new people.  (I avoid using the term "networking" as much as possible).   Sitting in on these forums also keeps me informed of the latest trends in the publishing industry.

Agents present this year were:

John Baker, Barbara Braun, April Eberhardt, Amberly Finarelli, Sally Harding, Esmond Harmsworth, Christina Hogrebe, Andrea Hurst, Laurie McLean, Joe Monti, Laura Rennert, Jennifer Rofe, Rita Rosenkranz, Melissa Sarver, Erika Storella, Carolyn Swayze, Elizabeth Wales, Christina Ward and Cherry Weiner.

While the following editors were also present:

Paul Dinas, E. Kieth Howick, Monica Howick, Peter Lynch, Paula Munier, Lynn Price, Michelle Richter, Shane Thomson, Michelle Vega and Adam Wilson.

And for a closing note, here's the Avengers theme song:

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