Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fix Bayonets 2010 at Fort Steilacoom

Historic Fort Steilacoom was the scene of the first annual "Fix Bayonets" game day, held on Saturday, 18 September:

Pictured above is Quarters 2, where all the gaming took place, while below is the historical marker by the house's doorway:

Damond, Lawrence and Bruce, all members of our regional NHMGS (Northwest Historical Gaming Society), conceived and hosted this debut event. 

The game day was divided into two periods, with 4-6 games played during each session.  Despite the intimate venue, the games represented several eras and genres.

Below, Dean and Adrian set up Ichi no Tani, a raid and rearguard action fought during Japan's Genpei War (1180-1185 A.D.):


A quick snapshot of Wes's American War of Independence (AWI) game:

Wes monitors the action as the British players advances their forces against "those damned rebels:"

Kevin's Spanish Civil War game:

Republic and National players pondering their next move:

Not every game was straight-laced historical either.  Below, a boatload of Eurpean troops are attacked by natives as they slog through the swamps of Venus, in this steampunk pulp game:

A lot of players were drawn into the "Venusian Quagmire:"

Thirty gamers attended the event and raised $300 in donations for the Historical Fort Steilacoom Society. The feedback by the attendees was predominantly positive.  There's even some clamoring to make this a twice-a-year event.  If so, I certainly plan on attending!


DeanM said...


Great write up and pics. I'm happy you got to play in the Samurai game. Dean

Stern Rake Studio said...

Thanks Dean! You ran a great game with an interesting tactical dilemma!