Sunday, September 6, 2020

Pass in Review: Tank Support for the 187th Dragoon Regiment

My previous Warhammer 40,000 (WH40K) posts featured two of the Lehman Russ Tank variants in my collection that support the 187th Dragoon Regiment (Composite):  The Punisher and the Exterminators (with one possible Annihilator).

Now for the rest of the regiment’s tank support...

The 187th has one Demolisher available to take out any fortifications.

Right-side view:

Left-side view:

In addition to it’s main armament, this version mounts 3 x heavy bolters as secondary weapons.

The regiment has a full platoon of Lehman Russ Battle Tanks available to provide fire support, or to exploit any breakthroughs.

Tank #1 is among the first vehicles I purchased.  The battle cannon’s barrel is longer than normal, but not quite as long as a Vanquisher’s.

The secondary armaments are hull and sponson-mounted heavy bolters.  I added the pintel-mounted heavy stubber.

This is the platoon’s lead tank and is commanded by none other than someone like Oddball from Kelly’s Heroes.  And of course, Moriarty and Turk characters are part of the crew. 

Tank#2 should have 3 x heavy bolters...

...however, sometime after it arrived, I noticed the left-side sponson’s weapon was missing.  I don’t know if it came this way, or the weapon came loose afterwards and I accidentally threw it away when I got rid of the shipping package.

Someday I hope to find someone with some extra parts, and who’s skilled enough to fix this.

Both Tanks #1 & 2 feature commanders standing in the hatches.

Tank #3 has all it’s weapons in-place along with the pintel-mounted Storm Bolter I added.

Right-side view:

Left-side view:

The 187th’s tank platoon operating together:

I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to field this much firepower all at once.  However, at least it’s available for any possible Apocalypse game sessions.

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