Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Faux Pas in France

Several months ago, my friend Dean and I played a session of Disposable Heroes at our local game store, the Game Matrix.  This particular scenario had a task force of American troops (me), supported by tanks, attempting to seize control of a town held by the Germans (Dean).  The very last turn included what Dean called my "crazy drive-by" against a German squad hunkered-down in a ruined building.

I decided to add a humorous twist to a couple of the "Drive-By" photos.


DeanM said...

Cool software you're using. Regards, Dean

Ted H said...

Thanks Dean! Adrian introduced it to me several months ago. It's called "Comic Life."


Doctor Merkury said...

Comic Life is a lot of fun, looks great!


Ted H said...

Thanks Doc!