Saturday, June 9, 2012

Enfilade's Bring & Buy Bounty

Next to gaming, Enfilade's "Bring & Buy" is a perennial favorite.  It's essentially a wargamer's flee market.  Any attendee can drop off his unwanted gaming-related material and earn some money--usually to buy other gamers' unwanted gaming-related material.  This can range from finely painted miniatures with a top-dollar asking price, to bargain-basement deals owners want to unload for a quick sell. 

NHMGS takes a 10% cut to add to its coffers, so the Bring & Buy is a win-win-win situation.

As for my personal purchases, I went with the bargain-basement stuff, shown in the lead photo.

I picked up Barbarian Kings for $2.  I'm not sure if I'll get around to playing the game.  Instead, I thought I envision using this as a campaign setting and mechanism for fantasy battles.  That is, if I ever get around to running a fantasy campaign. 

The next bargain I found was Fast Attack Boats, a Yaquinto "album game," for $3.  I bought this for two reasons.  First, I use to own this game.  My brother and I played it a few times, but then I lost it sometime during my miltary suervice.  This wasn't hard to do, because the playing pieces, once cut, are nearly impossible to store in the album sleeve.  (See the review underneath the Forums on Boardgame Geek's [BGG] page).  The second reason I bought this is, I've amassed a scores of Arab-Israeli micro armor and have several related boardgames, so I thought this would make a nice addition to my collection.  (The counters are stored in another Arab-Israeli boardgame). 

The first edition Starfire was another itty-bitty game I use to own, but never played, because my friends at the time were more interested in Starfleet Battles.  I found the boxed version in a pile for $6.  Since I'm now running a Star Wars campaign, I may use this to run large fleet actions.  Yes, I know the counters look nothing like the ships seen in Star Wars movies and games, but Bring & Buy beggars can't be choosers.  Starfire is now on it's fifth edition and has its own website, along with being the source material for five novels.

My last purchase was the most expensive.  For $10 I got Legends of the High Seas.  While I'm not a fan of pirates per se, (especially since we're having enough trouble the Somali variety), I am a big fan of the Age-of-Sail era.  As a result, I own several pirate games, so this Legends will be added to my treasure chest.

I'm very pleased with my purchases and look forward to next year's bounty.

An aside note:  If anyone is interested in downloading and printing the Fast Attack Boats top-down counter sheets and the Record Sheets found under the Files of the BGG entry, I have some words of caution.  When I clicked on the record sheet page goes blank and I get a virus warning message.  While I didn't get a such a message when I attempted to print the top-down counters, various tabs on my computer screen went black and the page failed to print.


DeanM said...

Nice haul, Ted. $10 for High Seas , that's still a good deal. Maybe see some of these at next year's Enfilade? Best, Dean

Kevin said...

Nice pick ups Ted. I loved fast attack boats. I've played the same vessels in miniature too, with the typical Israeli slaughters Arabs result. Fun game.

Kevin said...

Nice pick ups Ted. I loved fast attack boats. I've played the same vessels in miniature too, with the typical Israeli slaughters Arabs result. Fun game.

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks guys! I don't have any pirate miniatures, but I do have some cardboard counters and cardstock ship decks from my copy of "Skull and Crossbones," by Fantasy Games Unlimited. I've only played "Fast Attack Boats" a few times with my brother, who insisted on playing the Israelis--it was the only way I could get him to play.