Sunday, June 30, 2013

Noteworthy Blog # 7: Anatoli's Game Room

(Image:  Evolution of a Miniatures Painter)

Wargaming is an international hobby.  It has always been so, but it took the advent of the internet to instantly connect gamers from all across the planet to each other.

One such international connection is Anatoli's Game Room.  Hailing from Skane, Sweden, Alexander Kawczynski (aka "Anatoli") plays and reviews an ecclectic mix of games ranging from historical to horror--and everything else in between.

There are a lot of gaming blogs out their in the blogosphere, but few of them can boast of having followers numbering in the triple digits, in Anatoli's case--468, along with winning the Stylish Blogger Award.

Anatoli's Game Room, has accomplished both.

In addition to reviewing and playing games, Anatoli creates his own gaming movies, like this cool silent horror film

What I also like about Anatoli's site, is his take-no-prisoners war movie reviews.  I'm grateful for knowing which movies to avoid and the ones worth watching.  These reviews also include foreign films that are probably unfamiliar with us Yanks.  Being of Polish descent, (my maternal grandmother and her siblings emigrated to America between the two world wars), I'm very interested in checking out Czas Honoru

Anatoli isn't the only one who likes this Polish production:  The series has averaged 7 out of 10 stars on IMDb.

I stumbled across Anatoli's Game Room, via The Miniatures Page, where other great gaming blogs can be discovered.

Thanks Anatoli!  And keep up the good work!


ColKillgore said...

He has a great blog with frequent, interesting content.


Ted Henkle said...

Oh, I agree ColKG! I don't get around to reading it as often as I'd like to.