Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wargame Wreckage

I love hosting wargames, especially in my own home, which is pictured in it's natural state above.  Yes, I'm a "Felix Unger" neat freak.  But I host my games with an "Oscar Madison" style of wild abandon. 
Last weekend, I hosted a Star Wars RPG (Role Playing Game) adventure for a few of my friends.  Normally, all of my miniatures, books and terrain are neatly tucked away.  But with the impending adventure and feeling uncertain on what I'd need, I pulled a dozen boxes out of storage and pre-position them throughout the house for instant use.

After a couple hours, my set-up looked like this:

Yes, that is a phtographic back-drop behind the chandelier.  My gaming friends are very tolerant of my penchant for turning every session into a Cecil B. DeMille-scale production.

At the end of the adventure--when the players barely escaped with their lives--my house looked like this:

It was as if the Sith Mutants that harried the players for 13 kilometers, tore through the fabric of space and broke into my home.  The guest bedroom and the den also had that Nouveau March-to-the-Sea look.  It took me three hours to clear away the wreckage.  I must admit, though, taking an additional 30 "staged shots" may have had something to do with the lengthy clean-up time.

Notice the bag of tortilla chips on the counter?  That, along with the remains of humus dip, was my dinner that night.

Despite the hours of toil and the unbalanced meals:  I can't wait to host my next production--I mean--game session!

So:  What does your house look like after a get-together?


DeanM said...


Nice crib you have; where are you now? I though Adrian said Fredrickson? Dean

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks Dean!

M.V.Freeman said...

It varies for me. I just can never fathom why it takes so long to clean up and a matter of moments to destroy.

Looks like you know how to do a gaming session right!

ColKillgore said...

I usually end up with several stacks of books on/or around the table and a scattering of miniatures, depending on the adventure.


Ted Henkle said...

Thanks M.V.! Yeah, I'm always amazed at how fast the "gaming cyclone" can whirl through the house.

And speaking of the house in it's entirety, ColKillgore: Most of the books and miniatures and terrain I set out were "off camera."