Monday, June 10, 2013

Noteworthy Blog # 6: A Gamer's Tale

(Image:  Martian Tripods rampaging across the countryside at Enfilade!
Our Enfilade convention finished two weeks ago, but some folks are already gearing-up for next year.  One of these individuals is Kevin Smyth, who's often been Enfilade's Director ever since I started attending about a dozen years ago.  Even when he's abdicated his Directorship, Kevin's still a linkpin for our orgnization, providing continuity with sponsors and staff members of the facilities we utilize.
Plus he's an avid miniatures painter and hosts unique games everyone enjoys.  His interest range from local and regional history, to steam punk, Space: 1889-type of games (pictured above, although Kevin didn't host that particular game this year).
Kevin's blog, A Gamer's Tale, provides NHMGS members with some insights on what he's cooking-up for upcoming conventions and game days.  People have to pre-register, or get in line early to sign-up for one of his games.  (In all the years I've attended Enfilade, I haven't been able to yet).
And unlike the rest of us blood-thirsty gamers, Kevin also hosts family friendly events, like classic air racing...
...and "Thunderboats."
Although, knowing gamers' penchant for competition, I'm sure table-top fatal crashes sometime (often?/regularly?) occur. 
So if your interested in what may be in store for us Pacific Northwest gamers, be sure to visit A Gamer's Tale.

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