Monday, August 8, 2011

PNWA's 2011 Summer Conference--My Break from the Movin' Blues

(Image:  PNWA's bookmark with this year's theme)

When the movers deposited the last box, just over a week ago, the inside of my new home looked like it barely survived Sherman's march to the sea.  My days "off" from work were spent clearing the wreckage (and piling the packing material into the garage), until August 4th, when I took a break from the cardboard carnage and attended PNWA's 2011 Summer Conference.

While I haven't written anything book-length, I've been able to accomplish something of literary-ish merit I could brag to discuss with my writer friends.  This year--the square root of zip. 

So, my feelings the first day bordered on the "WTF-am-I-doing-here?" variety.  My mood didn't improve until I had dinner with my classmates from Pam Binder's Popular Fiction course.  It wasn't anything my friends said or did, nor was there a "cinematic epiphany," just a slow & steady rise of my spirits as I sat in the presence of good company.

Thanks to my popfiction comrades, my frame of mind was reset, I enjoyed the rest of the conference.  Not only did I hang out with old friends, but I made new ones and maybe even learned a thing, or two, about writing. 

I'll be posting recaps of the various workshops I attended in the upcoming weeks.

Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures because I unpacked my camera the day AFTER the conference...


deb said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great time at the conference!

Ted Henkle said...

Thank you Deb! Wish you could have joined us. There was 9 of us from Pam's class at the conference.