Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Enfilade 2013 Saturday Afternoon Fly-By

(Image: Poster art for The Blue Max)
Every Memorial Day Weekend, NHMGS holds its annual flagship convention:  Enfilade!  This year's theme was:  Warfare on the Silver Screen.
Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, I didn't get a chance to partake in any of the movie-themed games.  I did, though, conduct a "fly-by" with my friend Joe and spent Saturday afternoon  meeting other gaming friends, browsing the Bring & Buy...
...the vendor stands...
...and snapping nearly 120 pictures of all the gaming events during the Time Block D Period
Despite not delving into any of the gaming action--other than being an annoying shutterbug--I did walk away with a few bags of gaming loot.
After my initial walkabout, I bought nearly 2 dozen 6mm buildings from Sven's Sculpts , along with some latex minefields
The rest of my money was spent on a couple of out-of-print games I found at Gem Games & Hobbies.
First was Renegade Legion Leviathan.  While I did see a copy at the Bring & Buy, along with Renegade Legion Interceptor, neither game contained the rules. 
While there are Renegade Legion fans out there in the cosmos, only a couple of sites appear to be active:  Mad Coyote's Renegade Legion Site and the Renegade Legion Forum
I've had Cry Havoc for years, so I'm always on the lookout for any of the expansion games that were made.  After buying Leviathan, I spotted Siege on another shelf.
What I especially liked about this game was the counters were already punched-out, so all they'll need is some minor trimming.  Even though the Cry Havoc series is out of print, there's still an on-line fan site and material can be found on-line at Cry Havoc Games.
While I certainly enjoyed my roadtrip/shopping spree with Joe, I hope my work schedule is more "gamer friendly" next year!

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