Wednesday, November 14, 2012

All Up In My ----------?

(Image from:  Denver Westworld)
 Normally, I keep my comments about the daily sad state of affairs to my current events blog, Station WTFO.  However, since the Petraeus Affair contains a literary element, I thought one of the funnier aspects of this sordid tale deserved a spotlight here.
The title of Paula Broadwell's book is, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus.
However, that is not the title 7News came up with for it's 5 O'Clock News Show two nights ago.  In the frenzy to get the progrram on the air, someone in the station snagged a spoofed title on the internet and added it to the broadcast.
So instead of seeing the All In graphic, viewers were treated to the title:  All Up In My Snatch.
Who says there's no poetic justice in the real world? 
I wonder if the general-biographer affair will drive up book sales?  (The comments on are all over the map).
All joking aside, this scandal is no laughing matter.  Issues of compromised national security and dereliction of duty may be involved.  Today's breaking news is that Ms. Broadwell may have a significant amount of classified material on her computer.
A big no-no in both the intelligence field and within the literary community.

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