Sunday, January 15, 2012

Star Wars Freedom in the Galaxy: The Heliax Rebellion

Leroy Jenkins was promoted Grand Moff to Province Four after his predecessor, Argon was killed in a "terrorist attack."  However, Jenkins has been unable to enjoy his new title because a civil war erupted on Heliax-412 between the oceanic side and the mountain side.

Group1 assembled a task force consisting of a Stardestroyer, a Sith Infiltrator, the Ghtroc-720 freighter Heliax Gambit and the Consular-Class Cruiser LukStar Explorer.  A full compliment of fighters, shuttles and stormtroopers were onboard the Stardestroyer, while the Heliax Gambit and LukStar Explorer were loaded with vital supplies for the Imperial garrisons besieged on Heliax-412.

Imperial intelligence reported the Oceanic Rebels were receiving support from the Mon Calamari.  When Group 1 Task Force (G1TF) dropped out of hyperspace, they discovered that for once, Imperial Intelligence was right.  A Mon Calamari MC80 Cruiser was in low orbit transporting mercenaries down to the planet.  Once the cruiser detected G1TF's approach the ship moved to high orbit and launched fighters--the Rebels' new X-Wing.

In response, the Stardestroyer launched TIE Fighters, which formed a screen for the assault force dispatched to relieve the Imperial garrisons.

As the opposing ships and fighters raced towards each other, a YT-1300 Freighter dropped out of hyperspace.  Thanks to the advanced sensor array on board the LukStar Explorer, the YT-1300 was identified as the Millennium Falcon, belonging to pirate captain Han Solo.  Thanks to transmission intercepts, the Mon Calamari task force leader was identified as Admiral Ackbar.

The Imperial assault force successfully evaded the Rebel fighter screen and began landing on Heliax.  Meanwhile, the fighters of the opposing capital ships clustered together as X-wing and TIE Fighter pilots fought to out shoot and outmaneuver each other. Within minutes, the capital ships began blazing away at each other with their turbo lasers. 

However, not weapon in G1TF was targeting the Mon Calamari cruiser.  The Stardestoyer's ion cannons disabled the Millennium Falcon.  Within minutes a tractor beam latched on to the Rebel freighter.

As the rebel freighter was dragged into the docking bay, TIE Fighters swept the X-Wings from space and the Mon Calamari Cruiser's hyperdrive was disabled by a devestating volley of turbo laser fire.  Sensors on the LukStar Explorer detected escape pods jettisoning from the crippled cruiser.  Imperial ships and fighters veered away from the cruiser, as the last wave of escape pods were launched.  Within minutes the containment field of the cruiser's powerplant failed and ship exploded in a nova-like fireball.

Throughout the battle, the LukStar Explorer and Heliax Gambit remained in close orbit around an asteroid.  Once the glow from the former Mon Calamari Cruiser faded, both vessels got underway and landed on Heliax. 

The Rebel mercenaries were soon routed.  The presence of four Force users was detected, but it is unclear as to whether they were captured or killed in combat. 

Meanwhile Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, led stormtroopers on a merry chase throughout the Stardestoyer.  Pirate captain Solo was soon captured.  The fate of Admiral Ackbar and Luke Skywalker remain unknown at this time.

Now that the Heliax Rebellion has been crushed, the newly promoted members of Group 1 will settle into their new assignments:

Adjunct Tavore--Moff of Erwind 41
Kyllbacca--General of Erwind Defense Forces
Pepsor--Moff of Voru 43
Quix Ornega--Moff of Deblon 44
Aeros--Moff of Martigna 45
Daedelus--Moff of Wex 42
Tren Luk and Garik Starka--awaiting Imperial contracts for their new firm, LukStar-Lines (LS-L) Shipping Company.

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