Sunday, November 6, 2011

SW Redshift Chronicles, Intelligence Brief #10: Gadnek Is AAR, Part 6

Saved from a gruesome death!

Situation:  1900 hours.

En-route to Pierson Station at hypersonic speed.

Pierson Station and TAg facilities.

Cad So Billes and Seleq Seel escort Damathon Cohain off the rescue shuttle.
They're greeted by Penelope Pelletin and Adoko.

Rican Vranos Lah To Ceel escort Lt. Onjo Naguza off the rescue shuttle.

Damathon Cohain and Lt. Naguza were given a quick medical exam and determined to be suffering shock.  However, despite the party's harrowing experience, their time back on Pierson Station proved to be fleeting.

One of the files Sei'do Avari downloaded from the Bongolaanian computer contained invasion plans directed against the station and the surrounding Tarsan-held islands. 

Since it was now imperative that the invasion plans be taken to the Tarsan Defense Force Command, the station's only emergency express boat (x-boat) was prepared for immediate take-off. 

As the weary members of DST-3, along with Damathon Cohain and Lt. Naguza boarded the x-boat, they were joined by the Tau Tau Force Mystic, Gobar Been, who wanted to "follow the Will of the Force."

The x-boat lifted off from Pierson Station before midnight and once beyond Zenya-3's gravity well, Cad So Billes, pushed the throttles forward and the vessel fired into hyperspace. 

Destination:  Tarsus.

The invasion plan details will be addressed in Intelligence Brief #11.

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