Saturday, November 5, 2011

SW Redshift Chronicles, Intelligence Brief #8: Gadnek Is AAR, Part 4

Mutants in pursuit.

Situation:  1100 hours.

Within minutes of setting-out for the Bongolaanian basecamp, the party was assaulted by scores of mutants.  The creatures attacked from all directions, even dropping out of trees and leaping out of spider holes. 

Barely maintaining the lead.

While traversing the southern hills, mutants threw rocks and even rolled down boulders in an attempt to stop the party.

Situation:  1200 hours.

When the party reached the crest of the southern hills, they discovered the primitively-armed mutants were the least of their problems.  From their impromptu observation point, the party watched several Lambda-Class shuttles air-dropping cargo containers onto the island's central valley.  These containers were identical to the one they came across earlier (see Gadnek Island AAR #2).

Lambda-Class shuttles dropping cargo containers.

The Lambdas sped off as soon as the containers hit the ground.  However, two vessels circled-back and landed near the Ruins of Mumbak (located at the "M" on the map).  The ships appeared to be Sith Infiltrators.  One member of the team mananged to keep his electro-binoculars during the pursuit and observed the activity near the Infiltrators.  Within minuts of landing, over a dozen rifle-armed mutants in red battle armor, disembarked from the ships.

"I have a bad feeling about this."

Situation: 1500 hours.

At this point the party faced a tough choice:  Make a run for it in the open valley, gaining speed, over cover and concealment?  Or, continue to hack their way through the hills and jungle, mainting their concealment against the new arrivals?


Breaking through the trap.

After fighting through a major ambush near the treeline, the party made a break for it, on to the open plains. 

Situation: 1600 hours.

The mutants harried the party for 13 kilometers.

In sight of the eastern hills.

Through the mountain pass.

Outrunning the mutants.

By the time the party stumbled into the basecamp, everyone was suffering from some level of exhaustion.  Damathon collapsed and was dragged into the small compound. 

The Bongolaanian basecamp.

Everyone else took a moment to catch their breath and take stock of their situation.  Looking around, they realized the camp was ransacked--probably by the mutants, while Naguza and his battledroids went off to search for Damathon.  Everyone had lost, or expended, half their blaster power packs and hand grenades.  Sian Squnn and Jad Jo Dop had lost their weapons during the final run to the camp.
The roar and howls of the approaching mutants meant the party only had several minutes, at most, to establish a defensive perimeter and attempt to radio for help.

To be continued in Intelligence Brief #9: Gadnek Is AAR, Part 5.

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