Saturday, November 5, 2011

SW Redshift Chronicles, Intelligence Brief #9: Gadnek Is AAR, Part 5

Preparing their last stand.

With only minutes to spare, the party split into two teams.  The first team with the most combat skills and led by Thege Kli'Klotaz, manned the rooftop barricade. 

Situation:  1700 hours.

The Bongolaanian basecamp was perched on top of a cliff, overlooking a small bay.  The camp consisted of one prefab building, two storage facilities and a dirt-packed landing strip.  The forward defense was in the form of a 1.5 meter-high wall, that extended between two rocky outcrops, the party hoped would be impassable for the oncoming mutants.

Several members vowed to throw themselves off the cliff, or save one blaster shot for themselves, if they were about to be overrun.

Barricading the door.

Meanwhile, the second team, led by Cad So Billes, worked on barricading and re-sealing the damaged door, while Sei'do Avari and Lt. Naguza reactivated the camp's computer and transmitter.  Naguza assisted Sei'do in bypassing the computer's security firewalls and swore that if he survived, he would seek political asylum on Tarsus.  Sei'do utilized Naguza's code cylinder and downloaded various files from the camp's computer.

The mutant horde charges out of the jungle.

The rooftop team opened fire as soon as the first mutants broke out of the treeline.  The rooftop team blazed-away at the mutant horde with impunity.

A Force-User leading the rifle-armed mutants.

However, within several minutes, the tactical situation took a turn for the worse.  The squad of rifle-armed mutants arrived and subjected the team to a steady barrage of suppression fire with their slug throwers.  As bullets pinged off the barricade walls, the rooftop team returned fire and spotted a human wielding a red-beamed lightsaber among the armored mutants.  The Force-User handily deflected any blaster shots directed at him.

As the battle raged, Lt. Naguza contacted Rican Vranos, another member of DST-3 (Diplomatic Security Team Three), leading a search party on another island.  Cad So Billes reported their dire situation and requested immediate evac. 

Rican promised he'd depart immediately--however--it was a two hour flight time to their position.

Cad replied, "Frak!  Better hurry, or there'll be no one left to evacuate!"

The mutants breakthrough!

Once the door barricade was in place and their exact coordinates transmitted to Rican, the ground team abandoned their position and scrambled on to the roof.  They arrived, just as the mutants neared the perimeter wall.  Thege braced his heavy blaster rifle, switched to full-auto and poured blaster fire into the seething mass of howling mutants.  On the other end of the rooftop barricade, Sei'do lobbed several hand grenades at mutants clustered behind the perimeter wall.  The rest of the team picked-off mutants as they climbed over the wall.

Despite cutting-down mutants by the score, more creatures poured into the narrow gap.  After nearly two hours of continuous fighting, the party was down to their last, half-empty powerpacks.  The hand grenades had all been expended during the first minutes of the battle.

At sunset, the mutants breached the perimeter, thanks to the Force-User, who used his lightsaber to gouge a large hole in the wall.  The mutant horde surged forward and swarmed around the building.  As the axe and club wielding mutants smashed windows and battered the door, the rifle-armed creatures intensified their suppressive onto the rooftop redoubt. 

All seemed lost, when the rescue shuttle dropped out of the sky, with repulsor engines screaming.

Saved in the nick-of-time!

Rican manned the entry hatch, firing his blaster rifle at mutants climbing the building.  Damathon was pulled into the shuttle first, while the rest of the party boarded two-at a time.  Thege was the last one to board, after draining the powerpack of his heavy blaster rifle.

Blasting-off amid a hail of bullets.

The rooftop redoubt overrun by mutants.

Situation:  1900 hours.

Once everyone was strapped in, the shuttle pilot shoved the throttles forward and set course for Pierson Station at hypersonic speed.

The epilogue will be found on Intelligence Brief #10, Gadnek Is AAR, Part 6.

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