Friday, November 4, 2011

SW Redshift Chronicles, Intelligence Brief #7: Gadnek Is AAR, Pt 3

Situation: 0900 hours.

The sound of blaster fire grew louder as the party moved northwest.  In less then an hour, the party came across a clearing, 200 meters wide.  On the north side of the clearing, a pack of mutants were advancing against several battledroids trapped against the cliff.

Mutants in the treeline.

The mutants were unaware of the party's approach and continued their assault against the droids.  The party spread out in two-being teams and approached the edge of the southern treeline.  Once in position, they steadied their weapons and took careful aim.

Sneaking up on the mutants.

Once everyone had a target in sight, they unleashed a volley of blaster fire into the backs of the mutants.  Several of the creatures were killed in the fusillade, but the surviving mutants pressed on with their attack against the battledroids.

Mutant vs droid melee.

Half the party sprinted across the clearing, while their remaining teammates covered them with their blasters.  Once the northern treeline was cleared of mutants, the rest of the team entered the jungle.  As they approached the cliff, they discovered two humans, in partial cover, among the rocks.

A battledroid falls victim to a rampaging mutant.

One of the humans was dressed in an Imperial officer's uniform, while the other wore the remains of a flight suit and binder cuffs.  The party found Damathon Cohaine.

"Meezah Zak Tenko.  Meezah here to rescue you!"

The Tau Tau warrior, Zak Tenko was the first to reach Damathon and began unfastening the binder cuffs.  The Imperial officer turned and aimed his blaster pistol at Zak.  However, before he could fire, Thege Kli 'Klotaz burst through the foliage.  Leveling his heavy blaster rifle at the surpirsed officer, the Durosian soldier demanded the Imperial's surrender.  The officer immediately dropped his pistol.

The rescue of Damathon Cohaine.

The party then spent the next hour consildating and securing their postion.  None of the droids survived the battle, while Damathon and the Imperial officer appeared to be suffering from shock.  The officer turned out to be Lieutenant Onjo Naguza of the 7th Cohort, 599th Droid Infantry Legion, from Bongolaan. 

After some questioning Lt. Naguza confirmed the location of the Bongolaanian basecamp and his mission to find and apprehend Damathon.  More importantly, Naguza informed the party, the basecamp contained a radio capable of signalling for help.  While the lieutenant talked, Sei'do Avari noticed a code cylinder in his brest pocket and removed it.

Before the team could question Naguza any further, the silent jungle erupted with roars and howls of mutants--hundreds of them--converging on the party's position.

Mutants in hot pursuit of the rescue party.

To be continued in Intelligence Brief #8:  Gadnek Is AAR, Pt 4.

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