Monday, November 21, 2011

Star Wars: Freedom In The Galaxy Campaign

My friend Dan started his own Star Wars RPG (role playing game) campaign over the weekend.  It takes place at the beginning of the Rebellion Era, but before the Battle of Yavin.  Dan's campaign has two unique features.  First, it is a Dark Side campaign.  That is, we're working for the Galactic Empire

Dan gave the group a choice on whether we'd work for the Empire or the fledgling Rebellion.  The motion to play Dark Siders was decided by a margin of one vote.

Now I have to ask:  What kind of guy would want... work for a government as corrupt and depraved... Palpatine's Empire?

It boggles the imagination, doesn't it?

Alterior motives for joining the Empire aside:  The second unique aspect of Dan's campaign is he's using the game Freedom in the Galaxy, as the area of operations for our PCs (player characters). 

The first session consisted of training completion and the group's initial mission.  According to a Top Secret communique, that GNN (Galactic News Network--"a loyal citizen's ONLY news source") received from an anonymous tipster, the group managed to uncover cell of "rebel scum" at an undisclosed location.  They're currently on the trail of someone by the name of Ly Mantok.

My characters couldn't make this first mission because they


But fear not, loyal citizens of the Empire, my characters are eager to...

...see new worlds...

...make things right, and... their part and serve!

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