Saturday, March 9, 2013

ECCC 2013: Fanboy Friday, The Finale

One of Felicia Day's partners & pal is Wil Wheaton, known by Star Trek: The Next Generation (STTNG) as Wesley Crusher.  A few of the lady attendees I talked to at ECCC '13 admitted to having a crush on the young Crusher.  I can't really blame them, since I had a crush on his mom, Dr. Beverly Crusher.

Anyway, Wil is heavily involved in internet entertainment, especially his boardgame series TableTop

Wil's latest subject, at the time of this post, was the role-playing game (RPG) Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin Publishing.

I love their corporate motto:  Be Your Own Master.

Some of the military organizations I was assigned to while I was on active duty, didn't even have as cool a phrase as that.

A week before the comicon, I watched Episode 19-Part 1 and Episode 19-Part 2.  Both run about 35 minutes and takes the viewer on an adventure run by, none other than Chris Pramas, the founder and one of the co-owners of Green Ronin.  (Talk about being your own master!).

One the opening day of ECCC, as I wandered away from Felicia Day's fan line and through the gaming area, I stumbled across Green Ronin's booth.  I recognized Chris right away and since he didn't seem to be besieged by other fans (yet), I struck-up a conversation with him.

I complimented him on the adventure he ran for TableTop and he told me he only had a week to prepare before flying down to Wil's gaming lair in LA.  If I thought of it at the time, I would have responded with my best Vader voice:  Impressive. Most impressive.  (I don't know about you folks, but I always think of cooler things--or maybe even dorkier things--to say long after any encounter). 

Then the conversation took a surprising turn.  Chris said he recognized me as a fellow member of the Northwest Historical Gaming Society (NHMGS) and that he has been a regular attendee of our annual Enfilade! convention.

Um...NHMGSEnfilade!?  Oh boy.

I apologized for not recognizing him during all these years (twelve, to be exact) and he was very understanding about this.  While Enfilade! may not draw the same multitudes as the Emerald City Comicon does, it's still a sizable gaming convention.  So it will probably take me another dozen years to become better acquainted with all the gamers who make the yearly pilgrimage.

I can't remember what the segway was, but I started talking about my gaming movies and graphic novels.  Before I got up a full head of steam, Chris said something to the effect that he was fan of, or at least was aware of, my work.

Really?  A fan!?

Wow.  By this time I was both honored and embarrassed.  Maybe the title of this post should be:  How to Ignore Your Fans in One Easy Lesson.

Once again, Chris was very understanding in all this and even signed the copy of Night's Watch that I bought.

With that, it was time for me to call it a night.  I had a long commute--plus I figured I embarrassed myself enough for one day.

I still have two more days-worth of comicon festivities to post, primarily of the panel discussions I attended, along with some "cosplay capers." 

So stay tuned!

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