Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ECCC 2013: The Cosplayers of Fanboy Friday

During the Q&A portion the "Warrior Queen Goddess of All Nerds" interview, Felicia Day went gaga over a fan's Codex costume.  The real Codex declared the fan's costume better than the original. 
I didn't see the Codex clone at the time because I was sitting way in the back of the Main Hall. Later that night I found myself standing in line, with nothing new to read and waiting to get Felicia Day's autograph.  (To understand the irony of this, see yesterday's post).
The first cosplayer I encountered was the Codex fan Felicia Day complimented during her interview. 
I'm no fashionista (fashionister?), so I won't say this young lady's costume was better than Felicia's. But it certainly was well-made and adorably classy. 
My spidey-sense started to tingle and I turned just in time to see this guy:
I told him his outfit put my own Spider-Man costume to shame.  He thanked me and said the costume "cost enough."  (Maybe he's still trying to pay it off).  I encountered a few more Spider-Men during the convention, but this guy's costume was, by far, the best.
Spider-Man wasn't the only full face-masked character.  May I present Mr. and Mrs. Deadpool
There seemed to be an entire squad of Deadpools prowling around the Showroom Floor throughout the convention.  Most of the time, it was too crowded for me to snap a picture.. 
Not all the masked cosplayers dressed as good guys.  Here's one such villian, the Dark Knight's nemisis,  Bane (the movie version).
Some cosplayers didn't need masks, but a healthy head of hair.  Take Princess Leia's 'do, for instance:
Yes, that was the girl's real hair. 
On the otherhand, some hairstyles (and skin tone) required just "a touch" of color:
I had no idea who this young lady was dressed as, since she wasn't packin' a weapon, so I had to ask.  I guess it would be unbecoming for Princess Bubblegum to blast her opponents.
Speaking of blasters, Han Solo doesn't care for "hokey religions and ancient weapons..." Or in this case, should I say "Hanetted Solo?" 
Believe it or not, dressing up as the Corellian scoundrel-turned-hero is popular among the Star Wars lady fans. 
Before going our seperate ways, I told her:  Remember, you shot first
And without missing a beat, she responded:  I DID!
Ah...spoken like a true Star Wars fan. 
I snapped over 150 pictures during 3-day festivities at ECCC.  Most of them were of cosplayers and probably half of them are usable.  I'll add more photos of cosplayers in my upcoming ECCC posts. 
In the meantime, here's GeekWire's 100 Badass Costumes of ECCC 2013 for you to enjoy.

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