Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Breakout from Bongolaan Chapter 6 Posted

Breakout from Bongolaan's Chapter 6 (pages 147-182) is now available. The Soundtrack Interlude for this chapter and overall Theme Song for entire graphic novel is, Red Skies by The Fixx. I had this song in mind when I was developing The Redshift Chronicles. I thought the lyrics' apocalyptic feel was a near-perfect image of the "...galaxy far, far away..." sliding back into the Dark Side. (I mentally substituted "stars" for the word "skies").

Chapter 6 is a transition point from the preliminary introductions to the main storyline: An impending attack and the people caught-up in the chaos.

The initial Star Wars RPG adventure I ran a couple years ago, was based on Traveller's Night of Conquest. But instead of two warring factions on one planet, I expanded the scope to include a resurgent Galactic Empire in which the players found themselves on the new front lines.

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