Friday, June 29, 2012

Falling for FUBAR

Today, some of us finally got to try out FUBAR, a one-page, free set of rules by Gawd 'Elp Us Games.  The scenario, developed by my friend Adrian, was: 

An American special forces strike-team conducts a surprise attack against a Brazilian command post, pictured above, during a near-future conflict on some gawdawful colony world.

The American force drops-in on the Brazillians with VTOLs...

...and mech units dropped from orbit.

Unfortunately for the Yanks, the Brazillians weren't as surprised as the intelligence reports said they would be. 

The first mech to hit the ground, well, hit the ground--permantely--from a Brazillian barrage of rifle fire and missiles. 

While an entire American squad was wiped out by the combined fire of two Brazillian ones.

Only one other mech unit managed to drop from orbit and it was instantly immobilized.

After this latest casualty, the American force withdrew. 

Since this was our first FUBAR game, we held an extensive after action review, discussed the rules themselves and the scenario.

This game is just what we're looking for.  The action was fast and furious.  (Too furious for us American players, but that's besides the point).

We made a few suggestions to Adrian about the scenario, primarily about giving the Americans a free move once they land.  This was suppose to be a surprise attack afterall.  In conjunction to this, the Brazillians would suffer a negative modifier when attempting to activate their troops.

From the outset of the game, everyone concentrated in the center and left the outlying areas of the battlefield alone.  So we suggested placing objectives in other areas around the playing area. 

The figures, buildings and terrain were from Adrian's 15mm sci-fi collection.  He plans on running this scenario again and maybe even presenting it at next year's Enfilade!

As for me, I'm looking forward to incorporating the Star Wars FUBAR into my Redshift campaign.


DeanM said...

That is great looking game & your photography is excellent, Ted. Dean

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks Dean! Adrian conjured-up a neat scenario. I highly recommend participating the next time he hosts it. FUBAR is also a neat (and bloody) set of rules.