Sunday, June 10, 2012

Unforeseen Delay in Posting Chapter 4

Well folks, tonight I INTENDED to post Chapter 4 of Breakout From Bongolaan, my Star Wars Legacy-Era webcomic.  Unfortunately, for reasons I cannot explain, the entire chapter disappeared from my computer. 
I scrupulously use the "Save As" function regularly and my anti-virus software is also up-to-date.  So I'm at a complete and total loss as to why this happened.

To say that I am frustrated and angry over this is a gross understatement.  Nor is this the first time this the first my first brush with file-death.  I had a similar problem on the eve of posting Chapter 3, two months ago.  Back then, when I opened the file, I discovered every photo was deleted.  Fortunately all the narrative and dialogue remained in the picture boxes, which displayed "???" on a khaki backgrounds.  So I opened another page, re-pasted photos, then cut and pasted the verbiage on to the new file.  It was time consuming, but required little re-thinking or re-evaluation of the storyline.

This is far worse, because everything in Chapter 4--all 33 pages of photos, dialogue and narrative--is gone.  When I opened the program, I got a "Unable to Open File" message.  When I conducted file search, I came across a blank file named Chapter 4, but when I tried to open that, I got an "Invalid File" message.  Nor is it in my computer's Recycle Bin.

My original goal was to post one chapter each month, in order to maintain interest among my readers and fans.  I'm already two months behind my goal and I have no idea how long this new delay will cost me.  As of now, I re-created a 33 page framework for Chapter 4 and have a whopping 6 pages of photos re-installed. Once I refill the file with pictures, then I'll have to go through the painstaking task of re-writing the entire scene.

To put my feelings in gamer terms:  My motivation has taken a critical hit.

I was really looking forward to posting Chapter 4, because it will be something of a milestone.  This was to be the chapter that introduces the other heroes in the story, seen in the above picture, from left-to-right:  Cad So Billes, Sei'do Avari and Nance Windu. 

I wrote a lengthy e-mail to the folks at Comic Life, the program I use to create my graphic novel. Up until now, I've been very happy with this product. But as I mentioned in my e-mail, if this happens again, I am going to look for another program.

To my readers and fans:  I appreciate your support and patience.  Thank you.

"We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by..."

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