Sunday, February 26, 2012

Noteworthy Blog #1: The Campaigns of William Augustus Pettygree

(Image:  General Pettygree reviews the troops in Chapter 5:  The Relief Column, 1898 Campaign)

I'm not the only one telling a story with miniature figures.  One of my main sources of inspiration for writing a Star Wars Miniatures webcomic, came not from science fiction, but from the esteemed  General William Augustus Pettygree.

This blog, authored by Bill, follows General Pettygree's campaigns on the Northwest Frontier (modern day India, Pakistan and Afghanistan). 

I stumbled across Bill's work a couple of years ago and admire is narrative creativity.  However, I've only managed to read most of his first year's entries--the 1898 Campaign: Khyber Pass and Tranjapour. 

But I have a good excuse for falling by the wayside in reading Bill's excellent narrative!  I've been busy working on my own projects.  Now that I've "rediscovered" Bill's work, I look forward to catching up with the good general and the colorful cast of characters.

For those craving a "touch of elegance" in their wargames, Bill also maintains his Campaigns in Germania, about the diplo-military activities in 18th Century Central Europe.  (I'm even further behind on this one, than I am with General Pettygree!).


DeanM said...

That is an interesting blog with cool figures. At first, I thought, wow, Ted! Where have you been hiding these Colonials. Best, Dean

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks Dean! I wish I could paint like this guy--or you!--for that matter. You do phenomenal work.

This guy's really talented as gamer, painter and writer. Talk about a trifecta!