Sunday, October 27, 2019

2019's Halloween Greetings

Halloween approaches!

It’s been a few years since I concocted some Halloween greetings, using my ComicLife program.

This year, I decided to feature some of our artificial jack-o-lanterns.  The one featured in the top image, my wife and I call “Jack.”

Yeah, original, I know.

Anyway, I purchased Jack 20 years ago, from Spirit Halloween.  He still lights up when we plug him in and place him in the living room window.

The next jack-o-lantern is almost as old.  I purchased this one at Fred Meyer, I think, and usually place it in the living room/hallway.

My wife bought this white jack-o-lantern, but I don’t know where from, or when.  Unlike Jack, this one, which we haven’t thought-up a name for, has a red light as opposed to a white one.

While trolling the internet, for Halloween memes, I came across this quote from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which Ray Bradbury used for the title of one of his novels:

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