Friday, November 8, 2013

The Stage is Set

I really like my new desk. 
However, earlier this week I started working on new backdrops for my webcomic, Breakout from Bongolaan, when I discovered I needed more space to do such project.  At first I used the dining room table, but I was constantly worried I'd stain it, or scratch it--like I did to my old kitchen table. 
After completing the first three backdrops, I brought up one of my small banquet/gaming tables from the shed.

It's the cleanest of the two. 
This arrangement worked well for the past couple days as I assembled several more backdrops. 
The process involved:
Taking downloaded images to the local printshop and having copies made.
Pasting the copies to foam white boards and trimming as necessary.  
Once that project was done and out of the way, I planned on shooting some pictures, but realized this arrangement wouldn't work.  I needed to place the table next to a wall somewhere in order to  prop-up backdrops and build scenes for each photo shoot.
So, I came up with this:

I had to move one of my foot lockers, but had enough room under the table to keep the second one, especially since I don't plan on doing much sitting at the table. 
This arrangement may not be in tune with Feng shui, but it is functional.  I can replace the floor lamp with one of my studio lights, or at least remove the shade to provide better illumination. 

Now that the "stage is set" so to speak, I'm ready to resume my photo work, which I plan to start next week.


DeanM said...

Wow - that first shot looks like an Ikea add. You definitely got your set up dress-right-dress. Best, Dean

Ted Henkle said...

Thanks Dean! Even though I have to store more game stuff within my studio, compared to my previous house, everything I need is immediately avalable. So my upcoming photo shoots should be more efficient.