Friday, November 29, 2013

Coping with Windows 8

This may indeed be the incorrect way of doing screenshots, but the image illustrates what I want to do to my PC after uploading Windows 8. 

I've had my PC, which came with Windows Vista, for several years now.  Prior to Halloween a writer friend of mine offered her e-book for free for a few days and then on sale for less than $2.99.  I wanted to support her work and get the book, but the problem was I didn't--and still don't--have a digital reader.

Prior to the end of the sale, she announced you could still buy the book even if you don't have an e-reader, provided you have Windows 8.  About the same as my friend's book sale, I noticed my Windows Vista-based programs on both my PC and laptop were acting "clunkier" than ever before, despite doing regular virus scans, disk cleanings and defraggings.

After thinking about it for a few weeks, I figured it was high-time to upgrade.  However, I wanted to "test the waters" first by uploading the program on to my PC, before I upgrade my laptop.

I'm glad I held off upgrading my laptop.

I've been dealing with glitches and hiccups every time I turn on my PC. 

My friend Dale later told me on Facebook, that Windows 8 was primarily designed for touch-screens.  Since my PC isn't a touch-screen this could explain a lot.

Here's just an off-the-cuff list of the issues that have plagued me:

Right off the bat, a program called PCSmartFix popped up during the upgrade process.  I thought it was part of the Windows 8 package.  After the upload was completed I clicked on the desktop icon, which sprang to life and announced that I had 8,142 items wrong with my computer.  PCSmartFix could fix it all and make my PC run like new--for $29.99. 

I e-mailed the group  saying no thanks and initiated the uninstall sequence.

Windows 8 also came with some type of browser program (I think) called AVG Guard, which automatically added another tab.  I uninstalled this too, because it was seriously hindering my web browsing.

However, with AVG gone, my screen sprouts pop-ups like it was infected with the measles.  My friend Adrian suggested I adjust my pop-up blocker, which I did.  But the only setting that seems to work is "high," in which case I have to click the "allow once" button that pops up everytime I move to another page.

Another annoyance is having to scroll to different pages to do anything, rather than clicking on a desktop icon.

The biggest problems for me right now thoughis :  I'm not able to directly upload all the photos I recently took for my webcomic.
And when it comes to blogging, I'm not able to type anything within the main body area of the Blogspot program.

Some of these issues may be unrelated to Windows 8 and just happen to erupt now.

Then again, this could all be "operator error."

Whatever the reason(s) though, it's delaying my writing projects and seriously trying my patience.

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