Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Vaults of Zukat, Part 2

(Map by Seth)

I finally managed to attend the third session of Seth's Pathfinder campaign.  But before I regale cyberspace of our tale, here's a recap of the previous session:

  • A journal was found, owned apparently by a gnomish thief named Moltazinfalarpentar who died several hundred years ago while looking for the gold fish object you guys found previously. He called it "Sol" and had a picture of it with a companion fish he called "Lune".
  • In the journal, details about the Aboleth were described. He'd found Aboleth's journal and found the recipe for the anesthetic used, and found out that it doesn't sedate the creature, more that it drives the creature away.
  • The journal mentioned the Vaults of Zukat and how Sol and Lune are related to the Vaults.
  • The journal (4130) was dated 28 years after the date marked on Aboleth's journal page (4102) and he'd mentioned that whatever cataclysm that killed the dwarves happened several years earlier. - it is currently the year 4711.
  • The party found a proving ground of sorts inside the dwarven ruin. Through the proving ground, each member of the party received a medallion that adds +2 Fortitude bonus when worn around the neck, as well as allow the wearer to pass through the magical barriers around the dwarven ruin.
  • The older man from the ship wreck died. Before he died, he cried out "Pentar! No!". Before that, his fitful sleep was only full of mumblings an incoherent speech. This was probably for the better. His missing legs were not healing.
  • The ruins are full of dwarf skeletons and zombies, with a few spiders.

  • Notice Seth didn't say anything about the SIZE of the spiders we'd encounter, did he? 

    As our party trekked through the dwarven ruins, we encountered dire rats...

    ...ghouls and zombies...

    ...along with the spirit of the Dwarven King, Griffdelogh.  We discovered, Glorinfel, the dwarven halls we were now exploring, came to ruin thanks to a wandering necromancer, who promised the dwarves he could provide them with the ultimate defense against their enemies.  We swore we'd find the necromancer (who is probably a powerful lich by now) and bring the incorporeal king peace.

    After taking our leave of King Griffdelogh, we discovered the armory chock-full of masterwork weapons and armor.  Just in time to fend off the spider swarms...

    After wading through a pool of healing water, Frito Bugger (halfling, wizard/fighter), discovered Finelkalinpentar, great-great-etc-so-on-and-so-forth descendant of Moltazinfalarpentar.  He was looking for the same fish medallions his ancestor was.  Despite having seven members in our party, none of us got around to mentioning we found the gold fish medallion his ancestor was looking for.

    Tos (our roguish gnome), was the first to cross the chasm on a spider-web bridge. 

    He was also the first to take-on the Ettercap and his giant spider pets. 

    We defeated the Ettercap and his pets, thus making the ruins of Glorfinel safe--for now.  We spent the next several hours hauling out gold coins, weapons and armor, to bring back to Ander's Point. 

    A well deserved rest and reward were in sight. 

    Or so we thought...

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